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Have you been looking for the best resorts near Pune and Mumbai that will bring serenity to your soul along with a touch of adventure? Well, then you will find a number of amazing resorts which will also include the most demanded resorts near Mumbai and Pune.  These resorts have been known for their amazing and outstanding luxury that it offers to its customers.

Della Resorts

With Della Resorts, among the best adventure resorts near Mumbai, you will undoubtedly celebrate in the haven of luxury. What makes it more appealing is its prestigious and ultimate suites in the resort. The resort is situated amid the greenery of Lonavala and is a perfect mixture of nature and luxury that will make your weekends mesmerizing. The atmosphere that this resort offers is the best to experience because it is one such place where you will feel relaxed while getting rid of the busy schedule. Della Resorts which is also known as the best resorts near Pune has various types of suites and luxury rooms available that will undoubtedly make you jump out of surprise with their unforgettable hospitality. Have a look at a few of them. The resort has Della Presidential Suite, Dells Suite, Garden Villa Suites, Garden Villa Resort, Luxury Resort, Camp Della Resort, Della Adventure Resort, Della Enclave Villa Rooms on its lists that will make you feel pampered. You can give yourself a treat during your free weekends with Della Resorts and experience a better level of enjoyment and luxury.

Golden Beach Resort 

The Golden Beach Resort is located on the calm Devka beach in Daman and is one of the best properties in the popular weekend destinations in the region. However, this is a four-star property that will impulse all the getaway boxes quickly and will include luxurious stays, ultimate peace, and calm, cool sea-breezes. While all of these are attached to a delicious range of foods that will surely make your taste buds excited. The resort is located at Devka Beach Road, Nani Daman, Marwad, Daman, and Diu, which is just 183kms from Mumbai. The amenities at this resort include free parking, swimming pool, game zone, cleaning services, banquet hall, health club, seaside spa, and more. You can spend your lovely and memorable time at this resort and more fun can be experienced during any season of the year which is its biggest plus point.

The Corinthians Resort

This unique resort is very near to Pune and offers the top services to a fun-loving traveler. The greenery that the resort is enclosed is really enthralling and this resort can be selected for the perfect holiday treat. Even you can enjoy lavish parties over here with all the modern facilities and hospitable staff members. The resort has deluxe and superior rooms and their suites are available here are genuinely luxurious and comfortable. What is more relaxing, the resort has a special space for aerobics as well as yoga. Additionally, a white water spa and revealing at a poolside café or bar will add more fun to your weekend escape. In a nutshell, this is the best-suited resort for the family as well as friends and will surely make your time memorable that you will remember your whole life.

Visit any of these splendid resorts that will make your weekend retreat more interesting!

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