Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Numerous companies offer excellent travertine coping tiles that are ideal for pool coping and encompasses porches, outdoor amusement zones, and general arranging. Travertine has gotten an exceptionally mainstream decision lately giving an ageless and jazzy finish. Some extra highlights of travertine tiles are that they are cool underneath, simple to clear yet non-slip.

Types of Travertine coping tiles:

  1. Linen Travertine Tiles:

This natural greyish exemplary travertine coping tile inspires the longing to look at its excellence and the desire to contact its smooth, cool surface. Suggestive of a beautiful lady of the hour in her greyish wedding dress. Natural, light, rich and cool. This lady, be that as it may, can party on a Saturday night and rock up to chapel on Sunday. 

She can adapt to the real factors of this untidy life yet look tranquil, stylish, and immaculate. Material travertine, similar to the lady of the hour, has everything!

  1. Macadamia Travertine Tiles

Macadamia Travertine tiles are Formal and modern in creams and light browns she is a cleaned, smooth, agile, and brilliant tile and most marvellous beauty queen. 

Travertine is a hard-wearing yet wonderful stone. Its natural shading variety shrouds imprints and dirt. It is cool underneath and offers high slip resistance. It is precisely measured, slices well, and is not difficult to lay.

  1. Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine coping tiles is a liege in the tile world. She is a cool, dazzling feature star with numerous shades of whites, earthy colours, and silvers. It will just go home with the individuals who genuinely acknowledge and appreciate its uniqueness. 

Silver Travertine contains a shocking blend of light and medium silver and earthy coloured shaded tiles. Regularly called Platinum Travertine, this material is generally utilized outside and incidentally inside.

  1. Cashew Travertine Tile

Cashew Travertine is new however ending up being exceptionally famous with the individuals who invite plushness and lavishness. Ivory Travertine with silver veins. As tasty and luxurious as a rich velvety blue cheese. 

Travertine is a hard-wearing yet wonderful stone. The common apparent variety between the tiles glances incredible in both conventional and modern settings. Cashew Travertine is broadly utilized outside and infrequently inside. Unfilled Travertine has natural holes in the surface adding surface to the completion.

  1. Ivory Travertine Tiles

Ivory Travertine tile has a smooth white background improved with light caramel features. Like butterscotch affectionately collapsed and whipped into vanilla bean ice cream, this new expansion to the travertine range is delectable. Oh, it isn’t consumable, so choose it as adapting and encompass tiles for your pool or in your outdoor region. 

Why pick Ivory Travertine? Ivory Travertine contains light cream and caramel shadings that will suit homes that embrace warm tones and whites. The variety inside each tile adds interest and character to your outdoor territory.


Travertine coping tiles are sourced from dependable Turkish providers and are accessible in sharpened and filled just as tumbled and unfilled finishes. 

The unfilled and tumbled tiles are particularly mainstream because of the tumbled edges giving an upmarket semi-rustic appearance. Ensure your travertine coping tiles are precisely measured and simple to lay.


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