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Intumescent coating or intumescent paint Sydney is mainly used in buildings as one major passive fire resistance measure. They can easily be applied to the structural members as an aesthetically pleasing form of fireproofing product. 

This is one unique form of fire rated paint, which can be specified for external and internal exposure. It gives around 2 hours of fire resistance for the site or shop application. 

The durability of such intumescent paint Sydney will be somewhat of 25 years or even more. You can achieve the same with some careful specification and even application controls. 

So, make sure to work out on these points, too, before you aim for the paint. Always ask professionals to guide you through the proper selection, especially if you are a novice and with no clue on what to expect.

Can you paint right on top of the intumescent paint?

Now, people usually have this basic query when it comes to fire rated paint. Can they paint right over such fire-based intumescent coating? Most of the time, these fire-rated paints are white in colour and won’t offer a magnificent look. 

However, if you want, you can easily paint any colour on top of the intumescent paint Sydney, and the results will be outstanding. But, make sure to use only the approved topcoat for this service.

It is always vital to adhere to the approved paint system, which is well backed up by multiple documents that you can show any inspector of the building control. So, you have to focus on those points beforehand and then aim for the best fire rated paint for your use, especially as a topcoat layer.

How does this fire rated paint work?

This might be your very first experience with intumescent paint Sydney, and you have no clue how these paints work. This form of intumescent coating works as paint-like material, which is inert at lower temperatures, mainly under 200 degrees C. However, this form of paint can easily react with heat. 

With the temperature rising, especially during a fire breakout, the intumescent coats will swell and then form the charred layer to cover the steel. This way, the fire rated paint will present you with enough time to move out of the place and call the fire department for immediate action.

At what temperature will the intumescent coat react?

The intumescent paint Sydney will react when the temperature gains or exceeds 120 degrees C. 

The process will result in some soft charring effect on the surface area, which will then insulate and reduce transmission of heat right into the substrate. It will further release the water vapour, which again helps in cooling down the substrate.

The cost you need to focus at:

Any form of intumescent or fire rated paint will prove to be pretty expensive when compared to ordinary paint. 

It will be within $4 to $12 per square foot, depending on the coating’s thickness and area to cover. Proficient adhesion is vital for measuring the effectiveness of such coats.

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