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An automatic garage door opener is automated motorized equipment that closes and opens garage doors. It is controlled by a remote, switches or sensors that make the device open and close automatically from a small distance.

Types of auto garage door openers

Chain drive auto garage openers – in this type, the trolley is connected to a motor by a chain, and this type resembles a bicycle.

Belt drive auto garage openers– they use a belt rubber instead of a chain.

Screw drive auto garage openers – this has a screw that is long in the inner part of the track. Thus, the trolley is connected to this screw.

Direct drive auto garage openers– these types of openers have a motor which is installed in the inner part of the trolley, and they use a wheel gear to control the trolley on the fixed chain.

Jackshaft auto garage openers– they are mounted on walls at the end of the twisting bar

Types of Automatic garage door opener

Sectional garage doors

These are made by panel sections connected with hinges. When the door closes and opens, the wheels located at the edges of the panel roll inwards, opening the door on a vertical part of each side.

The hinges located at each panel bend over the curved part of the door and this feature enables the door to be parallel to the roof ceiling when open or parallel to the wall when closed.

The door is operated by a high-tension pair of springs fixed to cables, and this prevents the door from closing.

The doors are steel made either non-insulated or insulated and have low cost in maintenance and can also be easily customized.

Roll-up model auto garage doors

These are heavy-duty doors hence they are mostly used in commercial enterprises. They are made without springs and also not enclosed to prevent freezing, corrosion and rusting.

It is made with sections of steel slat that roll along with a drum on top of the door.

Slide to the side of automatic garage door opener

As the name implies, the slide to side automatic garage door opener towards the wall by bending on one side.

When the door is opened, it sits parallel on the wall. They are automatically used and mostly used in garages having smaller space.

Sided-hinged auto garage doors

The doors are side-hinged on a frame made of galvanized steel. They are automated using special arms and most commercially used.

Tilt-up and over canopy garage doors

They have a pivot that enables the solid piece, which is the door to tilt up; hence the door parallel sits to the ceiling of the garage while opened and pushes past the front of the garage.

Tilt-up and over retractable garage doors

They lift the garage doors and are independently suspended from the edge of the frame; hence don’t come past the garage front. They are expensive types of auto garage doors and hard to operate.

You should always consider using auto garage door openers because they are convenient. They help the garage door to open and close.

Besides, they don’t use a lot of power or electricity. They require less maintenance and don’t have a high price. Try using auto garage doors openers, and you will never regret it.

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