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Drive shafts are generally made to specific standards, quality and exact specifications that are required. They are made up of the highest quality materials which are not only strong durable, reliable, withstand the test of time and external forces. Drive shaft suppliers to provide drive shafts that are made up of a wide range of materials which includes steel, aluminium, Chrome metal, Silicon, ceramic, carbide as well as composite and hybrid materials. The material that is used depends on the application as well as the budget in mind. This article brings to you a list of the different types of driveshafts available in the market and provided by drive shaft suppliers.

Steel driveshafts:

There are different types of Steel driveshafts that differ in composition as well as the material used in combination with steel. The following are some of them supplied by drive shaft suppliers:

  • Seam tube:

This type of drive shaft is most commonly used and it is suitable for everyday use. It is one of the most preferred choices in restoring cars, as well as it is considered safe for use in circle track and Drag Racing. In addition to this, it is also the most cost-effective drive shaft.

However, out of all the Steel drive shafts, this one is the weakest, heavy and has low critical speed when compared to the others. It has strong Steel weld yokes.  

  • Chrome  Moly:

This type of drive shaft provided by drive shaft suppliers is made up of Steel, mandrel, molybdenum and chromium. The Chrome-moly Steel drive shaft is one of the most preferred choices in heavy vehicles and cars as well as those that have the high horsepower. This is due to the fact that it has very high Torsional strength. It is available with drive shaft suppliers at high prices when compared to other Steel drive shaft and exists in only 3’’ diameter.D.O.M.  4140:

It is one of the commonly used and widely available amongst drive shaft suppliers. It is used in all kinds of racing whether it is circle track or Drag Racing. However, drive shaft suppliers advise that it is important for the shaft to be measured correctly as per the requirement of the car. Nothing can overpower this drive shaft. It has more strength, durability and toughness than the other driveshafts and it is capable of high critical speed.

Aluminium driveshafts:

  • 6061 T6:

This aluminium driveshaft is most commonly used in everyday applications and it is considered as a nice alternative than the heavy Steel ones. However, this aluminium driveshaft available with drive shaft suppliers is capable of moderate horsepower. It is light in weight, it doesn’t rust at all, and is capable of high critical speeds. However, it is the weakest of all the others and less expensive.

  • Metal Matrix composite:

Drive shaft suppliers highly recommend this kind as it is capable of high performance. It is made up of molten aluminium, ceramic, silicon, carbide which makes it lightweight, strong and quite rigid. It is considered a good choice by drive shaft suppliers for circle track and Drag Racing. It is quite expensive but worth the money paid for it.

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