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There are different types of trucks, and each truck has its purposes. You can choose from these trucks, to haul your materials in and move from one place to another. There are trailers and trucks like plant trailers Sydney, enclosed trailers, semi-trailer truck and more. Every truck has its own function and capabilities, but the needs and the functions are specific to different logistics department. Different companies require a good transportation service to move their goods from one place to another, without causing any damage to their items. Here are different types of trucks and trailers used for transportation.
1. Semi-trailer truck
Semi-trailers trucks are suitable for transportation of cargoes. These are the most common type of trucks, and they can take a load up to 24,000kg. In a semi-trailer truck, you can load the materials from the sideways, from the back and also from the top, if you remove the tent cover.
2. Jumbo trailer truck
This truck is known to be one of the most lightweight trucks that can transport voluminous amount of goods. These trucks too have a capacity of 24,000kg, but it has more capacity than the semi-trailer truck as it has a G shaped floor and the diameter of the wheels is reduced.
3. Plant trailers
The plant trailers Sydney are specifically designed to transport plant machinery. These trailers transport the standard equipment produced and used by many plant users and firms. Different heavy duty plant trailers Sydney  have different capacity range. Some plant trailers have the capacity of up to 3.5 ton.
4. Tail-lift truck
It is a type of heavy duty truck which comes with a lifting mechanism. This lifting mechanism helps in loading cargo on to the truck. This truck can take weight up to 500-2000 kg and are based on the tail-lift type. Items on this truck can be loaded only from the backside of the truck. This truck is mostly used for distribution transport services.
5. Straight truck
This truck is one of its own kind of truck when it comes to logistics. This truck has many names like the cube van, cube truck or the box truck. This truck has great capacity and spaciousness. The straight truck can carry cargo on the same chassis as it can carry the cab and also the power unit. This truck is generally used to transport big and heavy items. It most commonly transports furniture, home goods, and small items too.
6. Truck trailer
Truck trailers have a large capacity and have larger useful loading volume. Their loading capacity can go up to 16-25t. Also, one of the benefits is that they enable fast loading and unloading, making the job quicker and less time consuming. They are suitable for transporting short-length cargoes.
7. Flatbed truck
This truck is steady and rigid against any type of external forces and influences, and it is very suitable for the transportation of goods. This truck has proven to be suitable for large-sized cargoes as well. Even the Flatbed truck has the loading capacity of 15-25t.
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