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What is a digital window Display?

The intense competition in the retail sector and the need to create a distinct image of the brand has made retailers try different marketing mix to attract the customers and provide them with a good experience. A mix of digital media and conventional media has worked wonders for several brands. Whereas, few brands still focus only on the conventional media to reach their target audience.

One of the cutting edge tools of digital media is Digital Signage and digital window display. As it sounds, digital signage Solutions uses audio and visual to communicate your message and appeal to the audience. These window displays can be used throughout the year by retail stores and may consist of the brand message, videos, Advertisements, offers, product display and much more. Digital window displays help a brand to reinforce its brand identity and create an impact too. It helps you to showcase your product optimally and increase your brand visibility too.

How can you use it as a marketing tool?

Recent research by Nelsen on the impact of digital window display gave considerable information about the effect of digital media on the purchasing decision of customers. It was noted that 68% of customers were interested in buying the advertised product. Digital Window Display can be used effectively to promote and advertise the product. It helped them get the desired attention of the customers and lure them to visit their premises and try their products. Digital Window Display played an important role to convince the customers to try and eventually buy the product. It was also observed that digital signage helps the stores and brands to get more perceptibility and awareness.

Digital Window Display if used properly is a great marketing tool to promote your product, service or brand in the market. It is one of the most trending marketing tool used by several international and local brands across the globe. Digital Window Display can help to increase your brand presence and can have a strong impact on brand equity as well. You can give your business the desired exposure with the cutting edge digital Window Displays. The highly engaging digital window displays are in vogue and give your brand the desired competitive edge.

What are the types of digital window displays?

There are several types of digital window displays that can be used effectively to promote your brand. It is imperative to understand and opt for the right digital window display to get the speculated results in the shortest possible time. The need for every brand, the product is different and so is the digital window display too. Therefore, a good understanding of various types of Windows display can help you to select the apt window display to cross-sell your product even before your customer enters your store.

Some of the types of Digital Window Display are given below:

1) Open Window Display

The open window displays help you to communicate the theme of your product with the help of engaging visuals. You can use a mix of attractive visuals as well as your product to appeal to the customers and communicate with them. Most of the designers and fashion retailers generally use open window displays to showcase their collection and give a glimpse to their customers.

2) Digital Signs

Digital signs can be used to boost customer engagement and interact with them. The digital signs can have “SALE”, “DISCOUNT”,” TRENDING OFFERS” etc written on them to give a clear idea to the customers about what is in store for them. It is accurate and can be updated regularly.

3) Small Digital Window Displays

This can be used to showcase and display products. It gives a clear idea to the customers about what the product is, how it will look. A digital window displays with real-time attractive photos on please a customer to consider their product. Small digital Window displays can also communicate various ongoing offers and discounts.

4) Large Digital Window Display

These window displays are apt for large stores wishing to highlight their brand. These window displays attract the attention of the customers and increase brand cognizance. Most international brands use Digital Window Display to advertise their product and display their TV commercials too

What are the benefits of a digital window display?

1) Increase Footfalls

Digital window Displays help to get the desired footfalls to the store. It communicates about what is in store for the customers. Digital Window displays hook the prospects and lure them to your store. They create interest in your product and activate them to visit your store. Digital windows Display is a visual treat that explains the essence of your brand.

2) Communicate Brand Story

You can seamlessly tell your brand story and create a positive image of your brand with the help of a digital window display. You can use them endlessly and communicate your brand too. It helps the customer to get a clear idea about what your product is all about, what your brand message is and increase their brand involvement too. It is an ultra-modern and hi-tech way to visually attract the audience and increase their interest in the brand.

3) Product Information and Up-Sell

Since you can efficiently use Digital Window display to highlight your product, it can help you considerably to upsell your product even before the customers enter your store. The Digital Window Display engages customers with interactive displays and gives them vital information about the brand, product, and service.

4) Persuade customers to try your product

The power of persuasion is at a peak when you use a digital window display to promote your product, brand or store. It can help to establish a rapport with the customer to increase their confidence and compel them to try as well as to buy your product as well.

Digital Window Display is a great marketing tool that can work marvels for your brand. It is a one-time investment. It can be used multiple times and can be customized as per your communication objectives. Digital Window Display is one of the best media to connect with your customers and increase your brand, product or store visibility.


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