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Waterproofing can be an onerous task. If the task has been done properly, then it is all done, if not, then things not only get messed up but also add to the expense. The right approach will help in maintaining the integrity of the house and when it is a basement, one cannot take any chance.

According to the professional associated with the field, any flaw during waterproofing might lead your basement to be the hotspot for the breeding of mildew, mould, and other various infestation.

However, builders take all the possible initiatives to make sure that the waterproofing concrete floor of the basement is faultless, over time, it might develop a crack. This can be because of several other reasons.

Believe it or not- the walls of the structurally sound basement might absorb water from the soil and keep it moist all the time. Keeping aside these things, there are several factors that would define how well the waterproofing is going to be.

Experts suggest that in order to make waterproofing with concrete basement floor sealer effective, it is mandatory to follow some of the following do’s and don’ts.

Do’s to Do

  • Source of the Water

If you know that there is some source of water in the vicinity, it is necessary to determine the source because concrete being porous, it will always continue to soak up water and degrade the structure leading to the formation of cracks. Therefore, as a part of must-do, determine the source of water, and try fixing it.

  • Fill in the Possible Cracks

While waterproofing the basement, look out for the presence of any cracks on the floor. Cracks might lead to the spot getting weak and hence, effective measures must be taken in order to mend it prior to waterproofing concrete floor. Therefore, it is necessary to attend to the cracks in the first lot. This will help make waterproofing effective.

  • Fill up the Spots or Gaps

It is necessary to pay attention to the small gaps or spots present on the walls or floors. Experts suggest attending to these spots efficiently with the right material just before applying the quality concrete basement floor sealer.

waterproofing the concrete floor or wallsDon’ts to Take Care of

Like some do’s, there are a couple of important don’ts that should always be on the top of the mind to make the waterproofing effective. These are–

  • Avoid Repair with Water Present

Often in hurry, masons overlook whether the repair is done on drywall or not. In addition to this, in order to finish up with the waterproofing just quickly, the wall or basement is treated with water accumulated. Experts suggest avoiding such repair as concrete basement floor sealer works effectively when the surface is dry.

  • Don’t Apply Sealer Over Painted Surface

Waterproofing needs to be done just before painting is done. Therefore, it is always recommended to waterproofing the concrete floor or walls when the surface is not painted. Such a surface ensures proper adhesion making the purpose effective.


There are several things that need to be avoided and opted in order to make waterproofing fruitful. Expert help will always come in handy in such a situation. In addition to this, if you are thinking of waterproofing concrete floor or walls of the basement, hiring reputed and reliable contractors will solve you the purpose.

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