Sun, Sep 26, 2021

The ageless beauty of double front entry glass timber doors is unrivalled as all of nature’s bounties are. Since time immemorial, wood has been employed as a commendable construction material. It continues to remain commonly widespread, especially in the fenestration industry. Wooden doors and windows bear the power of rendering innate elegance, class, and warmth to any space without being extravagant. While the timelessness, class, and grace of timber as a construction material remains unmatched and uncomplemented. Double front entry glass timber doors and windows serve as much more than just aesthetically beautifying your home. Contemporary homeowners prefer wooden doors and windows and door frames to complement both sleekness and value to their homes. Here are why double front entry glass timber doors and frames are perfectly and ideally additions to your home.

What makes double front entry glass timber doors unique?

Durable and Long Lasting:

Double Front Entry Glass Timber Doors possesses one of the lowest coefficients of expansion amongst materials utilised for constructing window frames and doors. This aspect primarily implies that wood is immune to thermal fluctuations and does not expand or contract due to weather changes. Since most windows and decorative doors are attached with glass in the present scenario, a frame constructed out of wood prevents the glass from breakage due to the structure’s rapid-paced contraction. If properly sealed, wooden frames also do not warp or crack, enabling them to last longer. Additionally, these doors are utterly resistant to rust and smut, facilitating it perfect as well as ideal for homes situated in specifically humid regions.


As a homeowner, you must not underrate the necessity for insulation in your home. Inappropriately, insulated houses do not yield excessive energy bills and are eco-friendly since the heat or cold remains within the walls themselves. Being one of the worst conductors of both heat and electricity, wood performs the role of a perfect pivotal insulator for your house when installed in windows and doors. Additionally, double front entry glass timber doors and windows deliver optimum noise insulation levels, specifically when wooden doors are equipped with acoustic or double-paned glass.

Easy Maintenance:

Some homeowners wrongly believe that wooden window and door frames are challenging to maintain and upkeep due to their characteristic nature and feature of facilitating mould or pest growth. However, when wooden frames are composed of high-quality timber and are sealed with sufficient sealants, maintenance and upkeep have never remained a problem. All those wooden doors and windows require periodic dusting and occasional cleaning with soap and warm water. Even with such slight maintenance, wooden frames do not establish cracks or must be resealed repeatedly.


Double Front Entry Glass Timber Doors are weather-resistant, durable as well as noise and heat insulators. These doors are equipped with low water-based coatings. The professional expert personnel would offer the best consultation for home decor to you and assist you in every step, right from product shopping and shortlisting to installation.


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