Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Every furniture company is claiming that their furniture is sustainable, eco-friendly and green. However, some aspects can confirm their claims regarding the quality of wood furniture made by such companies. As a consumer, you need to make intelligent decisions before purchasing sustainable wood furniture from any of the furniture stores. Before making your final buying decision, you need to consider the following factors.

The material used to make the furniture

It is essential to check if any of the components of furniture are made from plywood or particleboard. For instance, in the case of solid wood furniture, it will endure many obstacles for a long time, but the particle board furniture will only last for a few years.

The Origin of the Wood Used To Make the Furniture

You need to know the origin of the wood. Consider if it was grown in a sustainable environment, it was illegally harvested in the third world countries where there is high disappearance of the rainforest. Sustainable wood furniture should be the best choice some of the wood materials include, maple cherry, walnut and oak. 

Therefore if you are looking for furniture made from exotic and tropical wood, they are chances that they are harvested illegally from rainforest and sold with counterfeit documents. It is your responsibility, therefore, to check with the seller and confirm where the wood came from and if it is certified to be sustainably harvested.

Safety of the furniture

Sustainable wood furniture should be free from any chemicals that may pose a threat to the user. This does not only apply to indoor health but the surrounding environment as well. Therefore you should look for natural wood furniture with adhesives and non-toxic finishes that do not have any harmful gases. The least you can do smell and try out furniture before purchasing it.

Furniture manufacture zone

Mostly, the American made furniture is made with high standards that those that are imported. The imports are usually produced cheaply from some countries and sold in different markets. Therefore if you are close to the manufacturer, you can take the chance of getting your furniture directly from the manufacturer, and you can easily resolve any potential issues in case they arise.

Furniture guarantee

What’s the furniture guarantee? These days you may think that nothing is backed by a lifetime guarantee? However, this is not a trying case, because smaller furniture manufacturers ensure they offer sustainable wood furniture that will last for a lifetime. They, therefore, back them with this guarantee to save you more money than you would have used for replacements.

Finally, before striking any deal with a manufacturer, it is essential to ask a few questions about the sustainable wood furniture you are about to buy. This will ideally help you in making the right choice of furniture that will not jeopardize the health of your family, and you will be able to enjoy owning such furniture for several years. Always ask questions and demand explanations because of your investment.


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