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Several homeowners and household cleaners do not give much thought to the cleaning products that they use and how it would affect the environment. Did you know that the cleaning products that you use at home contain harmful pollutants? These pollutants not only affect the immediate surroundings but also disrupt the ecosystem. Many of us use cleaning products in Melbourne to keep the interiors safe and clean for a living. These cleaning products get rid of the harmful germs, dust and dirt. Though these cleaning products in Melbourne sanitize, clean and wash surfaces, clothing, and utensils, yet it affects the air and water. These Chemicals pollute the surroundings and decrease the quality of air that we inhale and the water that we drink.

  • Chemical pollutants:

The main culprits of chemical pollutants include Ammonia, phosphorus and nitrogen. Each of these chemicals is highly Effective household cleaners. It is commonly used in household cleaning products in Melbourne. Ammonia serves multiple cleaning purposes like sanitizing homes. It is also effective in eliminating allergens and disease-causing agents. Some of the common cleaning products that Ammonia can be found in includes washing detergents, bathroom cleaners, dishwashing liquid soaps, fabric softener and whitener. Nitrogen is common in products that are used for glass, floors and other smooth surfaces.

  • Effect on the water bodies:

The toxic chemicals found in cleaning products contaminate the water and makes it unsafe for use and drinking purposes. It decreases the quality and makes it dangerous to human life. It contaminates the water extensively and at a much faster rate. These chemicals seep into the ground when it is used to clean and flush toilets, drains, bathtubs, washbasins, etc. Though the water undergoes waste treatment processes before it enters into the water bodies and other waterways such as rivers lakes, Ponds and streams, yet these chemicals do not get eliminated. Once it reaches the waterways it accumulates and builds up affecting natural forms of plant life and marine organisms.

  • Effect on land:

Phosphorus, Ammonia and nitrogen are also known to affect the quality of food produced during agricultural processes. It is found in fertilizers and Chemicals of cleaning products used for cleaning up after the process. It affects the plants and food grown on farms and takes pollution to a whole new level beyond control. It affects the natural habitats of animals and intrudes into the aquatic life as well. Plantlife gets affected as these chemicals in cleaning products enter the soil. It triggers the growth of dense wasteland vegetation that clogs up waterways and chokes marine life. This affects the entire ecosystem and causes freshwater living organisms to die in large masses and decay in the water itself. This makes the water unfit for cooking, drinking and other daily requirements.

Air pollution:

The chemicals present in cleaning products cause various health hazards by contaminating the air. It is found in room fresheners chemicals used for cleaning ventilation and air supply. When sprayed into the air it spreads outdoors as well and forms smog.

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