Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Providing emergency towing services is extremely difficult. Tow truck drivers and operators need to be ready at all times to provide immediate responses to stranded car owners. Providing these services becomes even more challenging during the winter months because of snowy road conditions. 

Every leading provider of emergency roadside service is aware of the risks that come with harsh weather conditions. They formulate highly efficient winter towing strategies. From preparing their tow trucks in advance to adjusting the trucks’ speed to suit snowy road conditions, these experts take various precautionary steps during the winter. 

Here’s how the professionals ensure safe towing experiences while operating under snowy road conditions:  

1) Pre-Winter Tow Truck Maintenance:

All automobiles need to be prepared for the harsh winter months. Since tow trucks are typically four times bigger and heavier than standard vehicles, preparing them for winter months is slightly more challenging. Providers of emergency towing services – 

  • Check and maintain their tow trucks regularly as they lead into the winter months. 
  • They keep their towing vehicles well-prepared for winter conditions by “winterizing” them with proper engine fluids.
  • They keep the tow trucks’ tires in prime condition for the winter months. 
  • An experienced emergency roadside service provider will choose appropriate carriers that suit the snowy conditions and icy terrains. 

Top tow truck companies employ in-house mechanics who check the tow trucks’ safety features, brakes, electrical systems, and other components every time these vehicles are sent outside. These constant maintenance checks ensure that the tow trucks operate safely and reliably, irrespective of the weather conditions. 

2) Using Winter-Friendly Tires:

Due to the presence of rain, ice, and snow on the roads, vehicle tires tend to lose their grip on the road. Slippery tires can significantly damage a tow truck driver’s ability to tow vehicles correctly. To avoid risks like skidding or brake failure, tow truck professionals –

  • Prioritize the tire traction of their trucks.
  • These professionals only use specialized winter tires for emergency services.
  • Even if it’s an emergency call, an experienced tow truck driver will always check whether his or her truck’s tires offer enough traction to stop/accelerate whenever they want. 

For heavy-duty towing jobs, top providers of emergency towing services use special tires that guarantee safety and reliability. 

3) Follow Special Winter Driving Rules:

Top providers of towing services have special rules that they make their drivers follow during the winter months. To guarantee safe towing experiences during winter months, these professionals –

  • Always make tow truck drivers carry emergency kits; in situations where drivers are stranded for long periods, they can catch frostbite or suffer from breathing difficulties because of the cold weather. Tow truck drivers carry emergency kits to help such vehicle owners.
  • Follow speed limit rules. Maintaining the right speed/momentum while navigating on icy roads can be challenging. That’s why top tow truck drivers always follow customized speed limit rules that suit the weather conditions.
  • Tow truck drivers turn off the cruise control option when towing in bad weather conditions. 

These are the precautionary steps that top towing companies take during the winter months!


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