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A healthy office environment always keeps the morale of the employees high and increases productivity. And, what is better to keep the office environment healthy than a glass of clean, pure, odourless and tasty water. So, installing an office water cooler is a must, if you are planning to renovate your office or moving into a new one.

Now, we all know the importance of clean drinking water and its health benefits go way beyond mere hydration. Water coolers eliminate all the impurities and save us from getting a serious disease. The added advantage here is that they provide cool water too.

Office water coolers are mainly divided into two types, one with pre-filled bottle delivered by suppliers and the other with the cooler connected to the main power supply. In case of the bottled water coolers, bottles containing spring water is used. But this system has faced some criticism recently as the quality of the water has been questioned. Also, this system occupies a lot of space and it’s not cost-effective. Whereas, modern water coolers connected to the main water supply eradicate all these problems. These water coolers have a filtration device and a dispenser, here the filtration device is attached to the main water supply to filter the water and the dispenser cools that water.

A modern office water cooler is available in various models but primarily they are divided into3 types,

The first option is an under the sink water filtration system. This system is mostly located inside any cupboard hidden away from plain sight. But this cupboard must have room for chiller box and the water filter cartridges. The plumber will connect this system directly to the main water supply and you don’t need bottles anymore.

The second option is a floor standing unit and here to avoid using bottles you can ask your plumber to connect it to the main water supply.

The third option here is a countertop unit; here the unit is connected to the main water supply and cancel out the need for a bottle refill.

Now, if have already shortlisted a water cooler, then these following points should be considered before the final decision.

  • Your office space plays a key role as it will determine what you can fit inside the office. A typical bottle of a water cooler will take more space than modern solutions.
  • After-sales service and availability of parts also is a big factor.
  • The reputation of the company should be checked too.

Having an office water cooler in the office has its own perks and it is directly related to the productivity of the company. An employee will no longer go out for water and waste valuable office time, every day. Also, safe water eliminates the chances of employees getting sick due to drinking water.

Now buying a water cooler is not an easy job. There is a large selection of water coolers available, both online and offline. But wherever you buy it from you should first consider all the above-mentioned points and then don’t forget to compare the prices before your purchase to get the best deal.

Thomas Robinson, CPT, Ln2 is a freelance writer focusing on the health, fitness and wellness industry. Thomas is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and wellness educator.

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