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Proper traffic management is necessary for minimizing traffic congestion in the city centre as well as in the major controlled roads. So, if you are planning to start your career as a traffic controller, then there are a number of things that you need to know before applying for this job. Here come the details: 

Personal protective equipment: This type of equipment is necessary for managing traffic in every construction site. Some of the equipment ranges include:

Hard hat: Also known as the safety helmet, this equipment is necessary for every construction site. Use of this hat is decided by a risk assessment that is performed by the construction supervisor on the site. While the sun is strong, use of legionnaire hat or broad-brimmed hat along with the florescent band can be worn.

Steel toe cap boots: This is the basic requirement for traffic management in Sydney on any construction site.

Protective eyewear: This equipment is necessary for protecting the eyes of the traffic controllers from strong sun and from the airborne workplace hazards. The eyewear must meet the Australian standards. Besides, traffic controllers should only use polarized sunglasses to get protection from the harsh sun rays and to get full vision even in the full sun.

High Vis Top and Trousers: A traffic controller needs to wear florescent long sleeved shirt mainly in orange or yellow with a reflector band on it. Depending on the site where you are managing traffic, there are different types of shirts that you can choose from. Besides, the trousers should be of full length with reflector bands. And the trousers of the traffic controllers are mainly of navy color with florescent stripes.

Sunscreen: It is a must for every traffic controller to ensure proper traffic management in Sydney to prevent burning while working on the road or on the construction sites.

Earplugs: This equipment is necessary for protecting the eardrums of the traffic controllers from the sound of heavy machinery or road works.

Other equipment: Apart from the personal protective equipment ranges, some other equipment types are also required for proper traffic management in Sydney. These are mainly:

Cones/witches hats: These are mainly used to warn the pedestrians or drivers of the hazardous areas near or on the construction sites. This also ensures that the drivers and pedestrians have total visibility while approaching diversions or obstructions near construction areas.

Stop and slow bat: This is basically a handheld double-sided sign with “slow” banner on a side and “stop” banner on the other side. The traffic controller should clean the bat on a regular basis to prompt the traffic to stop or slow down.

Danger tape: This is a visual tape mainly used for blocking off all the areas, which are unsafe for the pedestrians or for people on the construction sites. And these tapes also ensure safety on the construction sites for the pedestrians, drivers, and laborers.

Chevrons: Available in yellow and black colors with lights or orange signs with black arrows, the chevrons are useful in diverting traffic. 

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