Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Which event planner on this earth does not want there went to be absolute fun? One of the best ways to ensure this in modern times is to choose a good selfie booth for hire for your event that adds an element of fun and becomes a site of attraction for the entire event. This might seem to be quite a tempting option, plenty can go wrong if you do not choose the selfie booth wisely. The following tips are likely to help you in making a better choice for your event.

  • Your Venue

One of the foremost considerations that you have to make as an event planner for selecting the best selfie booth hire from a local vendor is that of your venue. Even the best selfie photo booth might look out of place if it does not match the theme of your venue. Moreover, if your venue of the event has limited space, it is also important to consider the size of the selfie photo booth. So, it is important to consider the venue while choosing the photo booth for your event. One should also try to make the most of any mirrors that are in the venue while choosing the booth. Generally, such photo booths are quite attractive and versatile and serve as a bonus even with limited space.

  • Purpose of the event

The worst decision that you can make which can entirely ruin the mood of any event as an event planner is to choose a theme that does not suit the purpose of your event. As an event planner it is your responsibility to ensure that with the help of the vendor of the selfie booth for hire, you narrow down to the best possible option from all the available choices according to the purpose of the event. One can also search for the best selfie photo booth ideas online for the kind of event that you are planning to hold to get creative ideas for your event and then compare the prices of similar booths from various vendors to work out the best price with the vendor that you are looking to hire for your event.

  • The Guests

Another important factor that you need to take into account while choosing a selfie booth for your event is a kind of ques that you are expecting to welcome for the event. You need to put in thought to improve the guest experience with the kind of photo booth that you are going to rent for your event. While a quite formal yet funny looking photo booth can be a good option when you are holding a birthday event of a child or holding a marriage anniversary event wherein most of the crowd is of older age groups, it might prove to be a great upset if the event has a lot of youth. Vice versa, for an event with elderly guests, a selfie photo booth that is bold in terms of the theme might be enough to raise fingers at the event. A smart move, however, for an event that involves guests of a diverse range of age groups, a traditional photo booth might be a good option. So, one should choose the selfie booth for hire very wisely according to the kind of guests that you are welcoming for the event.


Thus, a little effort and a certain amount of research can take you a long way in making the selfie booth the center of attraction for your event wherein the host and the guests can make memories worth a lifetime.


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