Sat, Sep 18, 2021

The buttock implants are artificial devices that are placed surgically inside your butts to form a space in that area. This procedure has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and involves several surgeries like implants, butt lifts, and augmentation with fat grafting.

Also known as gluteal or buttock augmentation, this process comes under the category of cosmetic surgeries and gives you an aesthetically appealing physical appearance. The aim of butt implants is to enhance the shape of the buttocks. 

Talking about the butt implants procedure, it is important that you first consult an experienced and one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai so that he can choose the right procedure for your body depending on your situation and expectations. Primarily, there are two major processes that are carried out. These include buttock implants and fat grafting.

What is fat grafting?

The process of fat grafting refers to the method of harvesting fat from one part of the body and using it to re-inject in the areas that require augmentation once it is processed. This process helps in creating volume in the buttocks. Depending on your requirements, this process can be performed more than once to make sure that the fat is distributed evenly in the required areas. 

Also known as fat injections, or fat transfer, this is an ideal procedure that is performed surgically to remove excess fat from body parts like outer thighs and distribute it in areas of low volume. The results of this procedure are quite natural and long-lasting. Being a safe method, this non-invasive procedure leads to enhanced aesthetics of an individual.

Buttock Implants

These are soft silicone implants that are inserted into the buttocks. As soon as the insertion takes place, it leads to an increase in the addition of volume and formation of a shape in proportion to the rest of the body. If you have cosmetic surgery that gives you a more natural look, it is advised to go for Brazilian butt lift surgery as it can help in slimming down some areas when aggravating the fat for your butts.

Usually, these procedures are performed by or under the guidance of a certified cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai and are done by giving general anesthesia to the patient. The process usually gets over in 2 to 5 hours.

If the patient does not have enough stock of fat in the body then the implants become necessary to be inserted. In case the butt is too flat then the procedure may become difficult to be performed. It causes a lot of hurdles in giving it shape. It is taken care that the implants are placed under the tissues so that the outline is not visible on the top.

A cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai might even use some amount of fat from some part of your body to transmit it to some other part and make it perfect. It will help in giving shape to the edges of the implants and will offer a more natural look.


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