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In this modern age where the e-commerce business is on the rise, the number of deliveries has increased, and one needs to get the best service possible. The packaged box that arrives at your home or office should be thoroughly packed for the parcel to secure the supplies within properly. Companies generally prefer printed tapes, tape guns, or even strapping tools to wrap the product safely. Getting a custom printed packaging tape is the best out of the lot because of its ease of use and making your brand more visible to others. There are several types of printed packaging tapes available in the market for efficient packaging of your supplies that will help you reach out to more future customers just by delivering your packages!

Different types of tapes that e-commerce and commercial companies use are as follows:

Double-Sided Tapes- These tapes have adhesive layers on both sides. They can be found in thick and thin thickness and are mainly made from paper, foam or cotton. They are best used for packaging the items more tangibly. 

Transparent Tapes- These tapes are the most widely used tapes that help fasten and hold the supplies significantly. These adhesives have a solid bond and can give your packaging a glossy finish. These tapes are pretty sturdy and generally used with mailing bags, paper bags, and envelopes, etc.

Brown Tapes- These tapes have been in the business for long enough and are still widely used for sealing, packing, and even wrapping up products. They are always on demand and provide you with a seamless finish. Generally, these are heavy-duty tapes and are the best choice when you want to secure a package.

Printed Tapes- Unlike the above tapes, a printed tape will help you deliver a specific message that you want to display. Be it for any custom color, your company logo, company name so anything related to your company that will make people notice is where printed tapes are best used. These tapes provide good sealing and also offer reasonable safety measures for your packaged product. One can learn more about why use custom printed tape for business branding here.

Important terms to remember when getting your printed packaging tape:

Getting the correct tape is of utmost importance whenever you are placing your orders. Having the tape prepared of the right size, shape and color for your branding would lose money and not be ideal for your business. 

Getting the excellent tensile strength of your packaging tape will help you understand the point where the tape breaks. Check for the total elongation possible before the tape breaks off. Check for the core size. Get the proper adhesive material for your printed tape for various packages such as plastic, cardboard or cloth. Selecting the ideal dimensions for your printed tape would go a long way to get that perfect balance between sealing and message delivery.

What would be the benefits of using a printed packaging tape?

With the e-commerce business on the rise, the competition is also very high. The custom printed tape will go a long way to help your business gain more attention to having the edge over your competitors. Aside from brand naming and logos, they can be used to send an important message like a fire hazard, fragile, this side up, etc., on your packages. This will additionally help you save on your printing cost on the boxes. Following are the advantages for custom printed packaging tape-

Improves Traceability- Whether for the e-commerce or food industry, having printed tapes will undoubtedly help your business growth. Having your product code assigned to barcodes or QR codes will help the suppliers quickly access the batch identification, which allows for better traceability of the product. 

Brand Exposure- Instead of spending tonnes of money on highway billboards and other advertisements, getting a printed tape will ensure that the brand awareness is increased among the places where the product travels, thereby helping your brand be exposed to a broader audience in the process. 

Professionalism- When a product reaches the customer, the packaging is the first thing that gets noticed. Having your brand name and logo on the supplies will make and feel for a professional service, making an excellent first impression on the customer and give them better confidence to reorder.

Better Handling- Having custom printed tapes will help the supplier/ delivery guys know what material is present inside.  For example, a flower vase or a tv set may have fragile writing on them, which will make the delivery guy handle the product with more care. It will also help them when the movement of packages takes place within the warehouse.

Safety- You certainly don’t want your delivery guy to check what’s inside your parcel. Having a printed packaging tape will help secure your packages as they are tamper-proof and can easily be recognized if the seal gets tampered with, which will help alert you about tampering.

Reduce counterfeit goods- When you get a printed tape of your business on the product sold, one cannot copy the same due to copyrights and other issues. This will ensure that the customer will get authentic products from the brand for every purchase.

Helps reduce your carton cost- Getting a custom printed tape for your branding, address, website and logo will help reduce the cost of getting the logo or brand name printed. Having a printed tape provides you with better reliability, sharpness and accurate descriptions giving a much better and professional look to your package.

You can gain more information here on why is printed tape beneficial to create a leading role in business?

Having a printed packaging tape will help you increase your visibility and recognition in the business, which will help drive your business’s sales. One should invest in their printed tapes and get started at the earliest to get all the above benefits. Check out wholesale manufacturers of printed tapes who will help guide you with a custom printed tape that perfectly meets your demands. 

Having custom printed packaging tape will help you connect better with your customers and increase their trust in the future purchase of your products. Take your time and resources to ensure you get the perfect printed tape that will set a high professional standard for the quality service that you provide.

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