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Considering the development of your home can surely be a great choice. But along with that come a lot of things to be considered especially for the construction part. When you look around for the right type of concrete slab foundation, do you know what factors should be considered, what are the pros and cons associated with it? If not then surely you are at the right place.

Here are a few things you shall get to know about the slab foundation and thus deciding for your property development will be a lot easier and money-saving deal too:

What is a Slab foundation?

It is a large and thick concrete slab which can be around 4”-6” thick in the middle area and is then poured well on the ground at the same time. The slab edges are quite thick so that it can offer better strength around the perimeter. There are so many foundations that use the post-tension cables. Some also prefer the option for the steel robs. Such types of materials for a house can help in making the slab quite sturdy and thus your slab will be able to bear the load-bearing weight of the property or say the structure. Such a slab is the right position on the sand layer so that the chances of drainage condition also get improved.

Understanding its properties:

The slab foundation, especially the concrete one will not have a crawl space underneath. This type of foundation may vary from home to the basement. There is also no space under the floor and the basements are usually founded on the north upside when it gets extremely cold. Other than this, a concrete slab foundation is rightly made of the property which has been graded. If the soil is not rightly graded then there is a high risk of foundation as well to get a sink or settle because of poor soil compaction.

Benefits that you cannot ignore:

There are so many advantages that you get from the slab foundation, and one of such crucial ones is that they are cost-friendly as compared to other options. This way to construct the foundation and pier you are likely to save more money. As the wood foundation is not needed since they are with piers and structures of the beam, you can expect the elimination of the price as well. Other than this, there is no crawl space under them and the utility bill related to the heating and air conditioning also gets lessened down.

Another benefit is that if you have a concrete slab foundation, you can save a lot of your time to build it. The slab itself is mixed well in a single day. Surely there is ample preparation that needs to be done well in advance. The whole process can be finished in just four days from beginning to end considering the weather shall not be the issue.

With better flooring options are it scored concrete or stained concrete, surely it shall not be difficult for you to make the choice.

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