Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom with better facilities then you can always start with the best quality shower screens? Well, there are so many different types of shower screens that you can come across.

The reason why this concept is trending is that you will be able to maintain privacy at the same time and have an aesthetic look for the bathroom. There are so many kinds of glass showers that have been in the market. With the development in all this time, the shower screens also became more tough and shatterproof. That is why you may want to consider upgrading your current one with better custom shower screens available in Sydney.

Old Vs New: The Changes says it all

Before you make an approach to the custom shower screens in Sydney you should first understand what all changes have been made to the shower screen. No doubt that shower screens have come a long way and there are so many advances of the same that you cannot ignore.  

Old pattern: The old-style screen came up with an enclosure. It consisted of the panes of the tough glass which can either be the textured one or the frosted one that would restrict the visibility. Such panes are all covered with the aluminium frames. For doors, there were two options either the hinged one or the sliding one. The only drawback was they were not that classy and would restrict the interior possibility of the whole bathroom design.

New Pattern: In today’s time, all the earlier shower screen issues were worked upon. The drastic change that is noted is that the glasses are now available in semi-framed and the frameless enclosure. Both the pattern is blended with the door and clear panels of the glass. It can be said as the revolution to such design. With the new pattern, the design of the bathroom could be noticed as a more spacious one.

Types of Shower Glass available in Sydney:

Since the glass panels are the trending ones for the shower screen, there are some of the types available for you to make the choice.  Listed are few for better understanding:

  • Frosted glass: It comes with a pleasant appearance. It is a soft yet great feel which also maintains privacy
  • Antique option: The name itself says it is best for the traditional bathroom. You must choose it if you want to go for the traditional theme for your bathroom
  • Tinted option: The shower glass of this style comes with a color hint and great bathroom styling. It will make sure the room will not feel small
  • Etched option: This pattern of the glass panel is extremely functional which can act as the functional works of art.

Now that you know the reasons for how shower screens can be of great help to you, it is time that you wind up all your things and start researching brands that can give you great quality of shower screens. Approach the right one with custom shower screens in Sydney who can guide you further on it. After all, to maintain the investment you have made on overall property renovation has to be the best.


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