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When watching films, it can be hard to imagine what has gone into making them and how the locations you see may have been altered from what they really are. Bollywood films are a big business and the storylines tend to be very different from most people’s everyday life. They can expand our imaginations and there are countless people in Mumbai who are making their living from film production. It is hard to watch one of the films without being affected by it and unless you see a small amount of the production, it will not be possible to accept the technology that is involved especially when it comes to showing the special effects. If you take a Mumbai Filmcity tour, then you will have a new found admiration for Bollywood stars and production crew alike.

The tour

Many companies will offer a Bollywood tour, but you need to make sure that you select the best one. It is no good choosing someone who is not aware of the best directors or does not manage to get you to a good location when the film is being shot. Nowadays there are a lot of top actors making adverts, so you may manage to see your favorite Bollywood star filming a short ad rather than a film. You want to be able to watch what is going on rather than rushing by without much time to see anything. When there is an understanding with the director, you will have a calmer and more enjoyable experience. With a Bollywood tour Mumbai, you will be guaranteed to come back feeling that you have had an enjoyable experience, especially as staff are knowledgeable and can explain what is happening as well as who is involved.

Booking a Tour

Who you get to see may depend upon when you book the tour as you can only be taken to the locations where shooting is taking place. You will get advantages from certain companies, so it makes sense to check the prices. You can also find certain companies who will collect you so that you can save time and money. Check for the following promises:

  • A promise that there will be life filming taking place. It may not be a film but an advert, so be prepared for that.
  • Ensure that everyone in the party is over 12 years of age as access may be denied if they are younger.
  • Allow around 3 hours for the tour as if it was any less, you would not get a full feel of what is happening.
  • Studio tours can be carried out on your own or arranged to suit what you are most interested in. Choose from any day other than Sunday.
  • Help with understanding the tour. Not all tours will take you to the Bollywood Museum Café or Costume Gallery, so seek out one that will. You will also want to have someone to explain things like special effects to you.

If you want to get the best out of the experience, then you have to look for the best and book with them.

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