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One of the most significant things in your life is selling your house and moving on. The first step is to know the value of your property and the factors that will positively and negatively affect it to ensure you get a good deal. All of us want only the best when it comes to land ownership or homeownership. Your potential customers will have several considerations in mind depending on who you are targeting. This article will discuss a step-by-step guide to understand the factors which can affect property valuation.

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Type of Buyer 

The first step is to find out who you want to sell your property in Sydney. Compared with corporate customers, families would have a different set of criteria. On the other hand, it is worth considering who would better match your property, so you do not have to make too many changes.


Although the value of the location is a given, deeper considerations need close consideration when it comes to house property valuation. Houses on the main road, for example, may be very appealing, but those situated farther away may be preferred due to reduced noise levels and greenery. Having similar neighbours is critical for families with children since it helps their children form new friends and playmates. 


There is no question that transport is critical and can make or break deals in certain situations. When your property is well linked to public transportation, your property will be of great interest to working professionals who are just beginning their careers or are saving up for other investments. 

The more it’s linked to multiple modes, the higher the value. In the long run, buying a car can be incredibly costly, so having public transit facilities at your doorstep can be highly appealing. It could also soon double in value if there is a chance for new services to arise. Is a new Metro line near your home in the works? Will a new bus route be launched, covering your location? Such considerations all add up in your favour for Property valuation.


Is there a school close to your house? Is there a doctor, or at least an emergency clinic? These are some of the factors which with their presence, will boost the value of your property. Finding a hospital nearby will be necessary for families of elderly parents.

Living in a self-contained suburb may take interest away from people who have a long drive to the city ahead of them, but this may be ideal for seniors who would appreciate the area’s calmer nature. Getting a nearby school or even a college would help young people, as would playgrounds and parks.

Condition and Design

The age of the house is one of the first questions that are expected to arise. Was it built in the last decade, or is it an old house passed down through generations? Buyers can look very carefully for repairs and patchwork that have been made, which may adversely impact property valuation in Sydney.

Look for the best property valuation contractor in Sydney and get the highest value for your property.


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