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Few situations in life are as essential as a grave headstone. A new car is passed down or worn out. A house gives years of beautiful memories, but one day it will be home to another family.

Agrave headstone is a permanent record of our short time on this earth, preserving our unique history for centuries. Headstones cost as much as a new car or house, but several vital things have a significant impact on a grave headstone cost

Keep in mind these five things that determine the grave headstone cost when planning your loved one’s memorial.


Grave headstone size can vary from small grass-level markers to significant upright monuments, such as estate headstones. Upper limit sizes are usually determined by lot size and cemetery rules. Prices for regular grave markers may change depending on the size of the grave.


There are more types of stone being quarried than ever before. Some unusual colors we see are being imported from all over the world. Imported materials offer an impressive deal of variety and beauty, but they can be almost twice as expensive as domestic grey granite, the most commonly used stone.

Whatever material you prefer, for a grave headstone, will always be available as long as one can afford the cost. The most noticeable expense of the headstone is the stone itself. At first glance, stone can seem like a low-cost material. However, the stone used to make the headstones took thousands of years to shape. It is sturdy, but it is also a non-renewable resource, which makes it so valuable.


The installation of a grave headstone is a vital part of the process, and most cemeteries provide headstone installation services at a cost. If your cemetery does not provide a service, consider hiring a professional monument construction team. It is not usually advisable to mount a headstone yourself, although you may be permitted to do so, depending on the location. Finished headstones are large, so you have made a substantial investment to date. You want to make sure that the stone rests correctly and remains in place for a long time.


One of the best ways to save some money is to adjust the finish of the grave headstone. Smooth sides are desirable and gorgeous on any stone, but a rustic edge can save hundreds or thousands. A multi-step process of sawing and refining is required to polish the sides of the memorials and may take many hours, even days. A natural, rustic edge is created in minutes by a skilled craftsman using only a hammer and a chisel.

Regulations on cemeteries

You must know the rules of the cemetery before planning a memorial. Many cemeteries across the country require specific sizes and materials, such as bronze. In recent years, bronze has been one of the most costly materials, almost five times the cost of natural grey granite.

Many cemeteries have a permanent care charge, too. The grave headstone prices are collected only once the memorial has been purchased and is typically calculated at a rate per square inch of the memorial footprint.


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