Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Bunk beds, also known as triple beds, are known for their space-saving feature—for both adults and children. In Australia, bunk beds have been famous for ages for their space-saving feature. If you are thinking of buying a bunk bed, then there will be many factors that will influence your choice. There are different designs of bunk beds to choose from. If you are buying for your home, then it is usually for the kids’ room when there is more than one child at home. In such cases, your main lookout would be the comfort and aesthetic design. But if you are looking for Commercial Bunk Beds, then there are different features that you would have to consider. Commercial bunk beds are usually bought for shelter homes, hostels, dormitories, and hotels.

People usually working long shifts sleep in commercial bunk beds. Hence while buying them you would look for a sturdy frame that will be able to support the weight of firemen working long hours, travellers living in hostels, or students sleeping in dormitories. You also might come across a commercial bunk bed if you are spending a night in a shelter home. Apart from a sturdy frame, a commercial bunk bed also needs to be resistant to damage and wear and tear due to years of use. That is why, while buying commercial bunk beds choose a dealer who abides by international standards of safety. You should carefully examine the material with which the bunk bed is made.

Amazing features of a commercial bunk bed

Here is an overview of the features of an ideal commercial bunk bed:

  • Material that is wear-resistant: commercial bunk beds: are usually manufactured using sturdy materials that are resistant to wear and tear and can last long. Since bunk beds are primarily used in commercial setups like hostels, dormitories, camps, hotels, the material used to make them must durable and look attractive even after use for a long time. Some dealers also use UV-resistant paint that does not fade easily.
  • Can be assembled easily: in commercial setups, time is very crucial—the last thing they want is a complex assembling process for a bunk bed. Hence commercial bunk beds are easy to assemble and usually come with a manual that can help you set them up in half an hour.
  • Safety is paramount: no commercial setup would want to lose their customer because they fell from a broken bed. Hence safety is the first feature that customers look for when they buy commercial bunk beds. This also saves them from incurring liabilities. Commercial bunk beds meet the highest safety standards.

Heavy-duty strength: one of the most common features that one looks for in a commercial bunk bed is strength and durability. Commercial bunk beds are made of industrially strong materials like mesh panels, welded metals, especially the bed platforms that can support five hundred pounds of weight. There is no traditional spring and hence no squeaking noise.


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