Tue, Jun 22, 2021

According to research, hearing loss is one such health issue that affects one in every seven people in Australia. And when you are facing such an issue, you must see an audiologist immediately and get the tests done from a good hearing clinic in Dubbo. And if the hearing test shows that you have to get a hearing aid, then you must learn the details and features of these aids before you choose any.

Directional microphones

A good audiologist must recommend this feature in case you face trouble hearing in noisy environments. Every hearing aid comes with two microphones, one among those picks up sounds behind you and another one picks up sounds in front of you. And the processors of these microphones increase the sensitivity of the rear microphone when things are not that loud and decrease it easily in case of noisy situations.

Feedback and noise reduction

There are different ways of how digital hearing aids adapt to noise. The feedback reduction feature ensures that the amplified sounds are not picked up by the microphones. Without this feature, the user would hear some familiar squealing sound while attempting to inserting and removing the aid. The noise reduction feature helps the hearing aid to enhance and reduce the volume in case of a noisy situation. As a result, the user can hear the conversations properly.

Gain control

This feature works similarly like the audio equalizers available on the old stereo. Here the sound gets separated into individual frequencies and each of these has individual voice control. Some styles of hearing aid may come with 15-20 frequency channels, which the user can adjust from the hearing clinic in Dubbo to hear lower or higher-pitched sounds properly. But gain control differs completely from the manual volume controls.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless is now almost everywhere. For example, now people use wireless technology to download music from the music player or to connect the laptop to the web. And the hearing drives are not left behind too. You can use these devices to connect your television, music player, or cell phone directly. So, you can consider these aids as your personal headsets.

Self-teaching units

Some hearing aids are designed in such a manner that can remember your volume preference properly. Here you can use a remote control or push button to decrease or increase the volume. These devices note those times you make the adjustments and when there is a specific pattern, the units would change the volumes automatically.

Telecoil switch

Even though it is a common feature in almost every hearing aid offered in every leading hearing clinic in Dubbo, a similar feature is also used in the churches, theatres, and auditoriums to allow people to hear the sound better. In the case of hearing aid, the user can change the setting of the device to “T” for Telecoil, where the sound is directed to the unit’s processor while bypassing the microphone. Although most of the hearing aids can automatically do this, some need a manual change.


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