Mon, Sep 27, 2021

In case you have a passion for cooking and in case you want to entertain your guests while cooking for them, then you can convert your backyard and garden with an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are highly popular in the warm climate of Australia, and now other countries are also opting for this trend during cooler climates.

Now let’s have a look at the ideas to convert your outdoor kitchens in some effective way.

  1. Opt for an overhead covering: Along with the popularity of barbecuing, the demand for covered outdoor kitchens has started soaring in the past few years. This type of structure also allows homeowners to plan garden parties without thinking about the weather. In this type of kitchen, the outdoor kitchen cabinets Sydney offer work surface and food preparation space for pots, utensils, and crockery along with seating.
  2.  Entertain your guests at the outdoor cocktail bar: To transform your outdoor kitchen, you can give it a cocktail-bar buzz. A garden bar is one of the best ways to convert an outdoor space. To do it, you can choose some key fittings like a sink and an outdoor wine fridge. And therefore you can choose the custom kitchen cabinets Sydney for building the bar. The only thing that you need to be considerate about is in selecting the materials, which can withstand the year-round exposure.
  3.  Narrow down the style of cooking: Check whether grilling is your forte or barbecuing. Then depending on your cooking style, you can include a pizza oven, outdoor kitchen BBQ, grill, hob or the combination of all. This will help to keep your outdoor kitchen cabinets Sydney clutter-free.
  4.  Decide a place for preparing food: Next thing that you need to ensure while setting up your outdoor kitchen is that you have enough space for preparing food. You must not like walking back and forth to the garden table or kitchen with all the food in tow. Also, make sure that you have enough space in your custom kitchen cabinets Sydney to keep both uncooked and cooked food items separate so that your food items don’t get mixed up.
  5. Add storage for essentials: Your kitchen area must not be complicated. So, you can decorate the entire space with Dowling rods to hang tools and simple shelves fixed to fences for stacking marinades, spices, and herbs. Besides, you can include fold-out tables for additional workspace when required.
  6. Select a weatherproof countertop: As the outdoor kitchen cabinets are exposed to different weather conditions, therefore it is necessary to choose suitable materials for the outdoor kitchen cabinets Sydney. It is better to avoid wood, and instead, it is better to choose materials like stainless steel or concrete. Other materials that you can opt for are slabs, stone tiles, or flagstones. These materials are easier to clean as well as more weather resistant.
  7. Install outdoor sink: Add sink to the outdoor kitchen area to wash your hands in the open air after cooking. You can position the sink on the external wall of your property.
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