Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Landscaping is the most efficient and essential method of increasing your home’s value. Professional and proper landscaping will increase your home’s value, and it is excellent for improving the environment and your health. So, whether you are thinking of selling your house shortly or keeping it for yourself, a properly thought-out landscaping design can enormously boost the property value.  

However, landscaping is not a DIY job, and you need to search for reputable landscapers in Killara. Here are four practical ways to increase the value of your home by hiring landscaping services. 

Keep a strategy in mind and design

A landscape design project requires a bit of planning and strategy-making if you want to increase your home’s property value. In other words, you should not just keep on planting various plants and add landscape elements just for the sake of placing them in the yard. You can achieve a uniform look if you follow the instructions offered by the landscapers in Killara. He will suggest you add the right number of perennials and shrubs with enough diversity to keep your lawn interesting. However, make sure that your landscaping is not too plain and boring.

Add trees to your yard

It might sound too simple but adding a few trees to your landscape can make a huge difference in increasing your home’s value. Studies in journals have shown that homes with trees in the yard sell for 10-15% more than the asking price. Why? Because:

  • trees help in removing pollution and carbon dioxide from the air
  • we consider tress as an environmentally friendly option
  • trees help in keeping the yards more relaxed and inviting by offering shade
  • both trees and plants are stress reliever and offer a calming and relaxing feeling to the environment

Maintain a uniform style

The best way to increase your home’s overall value is by creating a singular style and trying to stick to it. A modern-style home with a Mediterranean-style landscape design might create confusion and design clashing. That, in turn, will decrease the home’s appeal and the property value. The landscapers in Killara suggest going with a versatile landscape design that will sync well with any home style. You can create a modern landscape design by relying on manicured and perennial planters and other greenery.

Lawn with a defined edge

Edging your lawn makes your yard look well-maintained and manicured and offers an illusion of lower maintenance. Framing the grounds along the garden beds, sidewalks, and driveways show potential buyers how meticulous you are in keeping your property. They will thus consider that the rest of the property is in pristine condition too. To make your garden appear more vibrant, you can add some vigorous and leafy plants.

Bottom line

Of all the home improvements to boost your home’s property value, landscaping is the only one that offers the most benefits and offers the highest return on investment. However, to do that properly and make the most of your money, you need to work with the top landscapers in Killara. 



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