Fri, Sep 24, 2021

Is your bathroom looking dull or not attractive? Do you want to streamline a modern looking bathroom? Further, If you are planning to infuse new life into your bathroom but don’t have funds for it, a Frameless screen shower is a perfect choice. Many people in Sydney have installed frameless shower screens to revive the look of their bathrooms. The upgrade makes your bathrooms look modern and chic. Likewise, it adds value to your homes. Modern bathrooms are incomplete without the glass additions adding a refined and beautiful finish. 

Benefits of Installing frameless glass shower screens in Bathroom


  • Attractive looks


If you have an older looking bathroom, it might have the familiar metal framing that is not clear. Besides, many of the old screens are frosted or textured limiting the visibility. This either includes the hinged or sliding door. With the frameless shower screens in Sydney, you do not have to worry about the frames at all. It allows more light to enter the rooms giving a trendier look. The other elements of the bathrooms are also accentuated including the bathroom fixtures.


  • Hygienically better


The hygiene issue comes next with the older screens. The metal frames are breeding grounds for germs if not cleaned. Glass is a non-porous material that does not harbor any germs or bacteria in it. With glass, there is no worry about the odours and mildew. A glass shower screen is a hygienic option for all the Sea facing houses in Sydney. 


  • Good for easier installation


When it comes to practicality, it is such a royal pain to install the old shower screens. The framing is such a tricky job with the screw and knot to be in the bolt. With the frameless screens, all the things do not have to be fit in a certain way. The fixtures can be retrofitted to fit the space. The bathroom tends to look bigger with the screens giving a more spacious feel. 


  • Durability


The older screens eventually out, especially the frames. Besides, you must do a little maintenance to keep the doors increasingly smooth. With the frameless shower screens available in Sydney, the glass doors are the durable ones with the fittings designed to last a long time. There is little or no maintenance required in it.


  • Easier to clean


The frameless ones are far easier to clean than all the previous framed glasses. Similarly, you do not have frames like the aluminum building different types of stains. Clear glass does not attract the stain. So, a clean and good wipe with a wet rag is just the thing you are asking for. 

Thickness options

Normally for the frameless screens, you can utilize 3/8” or ½” inches with anything thinner being unsafe. Moreover, It all depends on the texture with the glass options available in 3/8”. If the overall size is exceptionally large, the ½” inch thickness is best for the minimum flex.


When you are building a new home, to have a streamlined and modern house, the frameless shower screen looks stylish. The screens help to fulfill the goals.


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