Sat, Mar 6, 2021

Sometimes back, solar cells were used almost exclusively in space, for example, as the main source of energy for satellites. Since then, solar panels have increasingly entered our lives: they cover the roofs of houses and cars, they are used in wristwatches and even in dark glasses. Today, many local solar companies deal with solar panels and will help you get one installed in your apartment.

But how do solar panels operate? How do you manage to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity? With the help of solar specialists, you will be able to install one in your home.

Basic principles

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells packed in a common frame. Each of them is made of semiconductor material, for example, silicon, which is most often used in solar panels. When rays fall on a semiconductor, it heats up, partially absorbing their energy. The flow of energy releases electrons inside the semiconductor. An electric field is applied to the photocell, which directs the free electrons, making them move in a specific direction. This flow of electrons forms an electric current.

If you attach metal contacts to the top and bottom of the photocell, you can direct the current received through the wires and use it to operate various devices. The current strength together with the cell voltage determines the power of the electricity produced by the photocell.

Features of maintenance of high-tech solar panels

If you decide to buy solar panels from a local solar company, the only thing you need to know about caring for them is keeping them clean. There are no moving particles in solar modules, which fail over time, causing breakdown or costly repairs. The battery owners are fully insured against such force majeure. It is necessary to monitor cleanliness if you do not want the amount of incoming sunlight to be reduced and the system to work less efficiently. To this end, in the winter season, if necessary, the surfaces should be cleaned of snow, in summer, from dust and bird droppings.

Maintenance of solar panels does not require frequent work. It is enough 3-4 times a year to pour with a hose with a nozzle, which is not a difficult and exhausting task (there is not even a need to climb onto the roof). From time to time, a check of the operational status of the panels is required.

Solar energy efficiency is highly dependent on the location of the home or facility and the type of local solar company you choose. It can be a problem if the building is surrounded by tall structures and trees. Under such conditions, the performance of the system is directly dependent on the type of batteries.

A key link in the energy supply system is sunlight. Before setting up a system, it is very important to have a rough idea of ​​how much sunlight your building will get. Analyzing the data will determine how much light the batteries can use to convert their energy into electrical energy. The high values ​​of insolation in the region indicate that the panels will work as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, get the best local solar company to be sure of installing a quality product


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