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Sydney is the capital of the state of New South is home to several reputed Truck Driving Schools in Sydney. Whether it is to polish your driving skills or learning how to drive a truck, all types of training courses are available. Truck driving schools in Sydney offer all-inclusive truck driving courses. Apart from training, the courses include instructions on safety measures and protocols, transmission standards and other related rules and regulations. 

Types of Driving Licence

On completion of your course, truck driving schools Sydney, guide you to get your brand new truck driving licence. In Sydney, state and government territories issue driving licences through truck driving schools Sydney. Often the standard protocols and related laws vary between jurisdictions. Alongside the regulation and enforcement of road use, different truck driving licences are issued:

  • Heavy Rigid Licence (HR) 
  • Heavy Combination Licence (HC)
  • Medium Rigid Licence (MR) 
  • Light Rigid Licence (LR) 
  • Restricted Rider Licence (RE) 

Prerequisites to Get a Truck Driving Licence

  • Age- The learner should at least be 18 years old, to drive a truck unsupervised. For getting a learner’s licence you should be 16 years old. In the Northern Territory, the minimum age requirement is 16 years and 6 months while in all other states and the ACT, it is 17 years. 
  • Experience – To get an HR truck driving licence you must have a minimum driving experience of 3 years. Even after getting a licence, driver’s have a probationary period during which they are subjected to certain restrictions.
  • Valid Driver’s Licence- You should already be a holder of an LR or MR driving licence to apply for an HR driving licence. 
  • RMS Test Cleared- You should clear the RMS test to enroll in any truck driving course. This shows how much knowledge you have about driving. 
  • Medical Standards- You should meet certain medical standards that assess your fitness to drive a truck. The medical standards for commercial heavy vehicles are set by Austroads and the National Transport Commission. 

Truck Driving Course Duration 

Truck driving schools in  Sydney offer one on one training with quality instructors who have years of experience in this field. On road driving practice varies from 6 to 8 hours per day. Generally, the training activities include:

  • The Sequence of Starting and Stopping 
  • Making turns and Manoeuvring
  • Traffic Rules and Regulations 
  • Safety Protocols
  • Vehicle Maintenance 
  • Pre-drive Inspection 
  • Vehicles Control System
  • Gear types
  • City and Highway Driving
  • Road Laws
  • Gross Vehicle Mass Limit for HR Vehicles. 
  • Positioning or Parking of Heavy Vehicles

The good news is that most of the truck driving schools in Sydney offer package deals at cost-effective rates. You can now get your truck drivers licence in one single day. There are short courses available to help you brush up on your driving skills. Renewal, suspension and cancellation of truck licences are also something that is handled by truck driving institutes apart from training. So, join a truck driving school in Sydney to get your full licence, today!


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