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Most readily available wardrobes are either too big or too small. Some even do not offer the storage capacity to store your accessories, clothing, shoes, and so on. 

Instead of fretting about what to do next, it would make sense to opt for custom-built wardrobes in Sydney. Such wardrobes are made specifically as per a person’s choice. They are a blessing in disguise in the sense you do not have to hop from showroom to showroom or even browse the Internet for hours together, looking for your dream wardrobe. 

A custom-built wardrobe in Sydney is made specifically in line with your specifications and space requirements. It will not only keep your room floor and surface clear and clean but also help tackle bedroom clutter and fit into any kind of space. It maximizes every space of your bedroom in a positive way.

Types Of Custom Built Wardrobe

There are different types of custom-built wardrobes like 

  • Niche Wardrobes: Customized to fit into a niche or shallow space, they are often created in corridors and hallways. They can also be created on portions of a wall in a sleeping area or a living area, with the shutters in line with the wall.
  • Standalone Wardrobes: Placed usually against a wall, they transform any space into a freestanding closet, providing extra storage and functionality. A customized wardrobe can be tailored to your exact needs with multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelves, baskets, drawers, and hampers, in any finish – dark or light, smooth or textured that accent your décor and reflect your style.
  • Sliding Door Wardrobes: With shutters sliding in each direction, they come with channels on the top and bottom. You can have mixed sliding door panel colors in a contemporary design or choose to combine a mixed design with a contemporary color mix. Whichever choice you make, they will look chic in any home; work especially best for smaller rooms which lack the space for the doors to swing open.
  • Hinge Door Wardrobes: With doors that are fixed on the hinges at the side and swing open outward, they can transform the feel of the room from clean and simple or bright and bold to the classic. You can get them customized in a unique design to suit your style and needs. But make sure that the height of the wardrobe should match that of the door. This way, you will gain access and visibility to the entire wardrobe.
  • Walk-In Wardrobes: Fashioned for every need, you can just walk into the wardrobe. With a customized luxury design, quality craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, they will add a touch of beauty to your bedroom. For maximum convenience they are best placed between the bedroom and bathroom with closed or open storage or a mix of the two. 

Whatever your custom-built wardrobes Sydney choice, make sure that it complements your space’s interior make-up and design. 

Select The Best Custom Built Wardrobe Sydney

For the best custom built wardrobe, choose one that comes with   

  • Built that reflects your preference and projects your style statement.
  • Materials that go along with the style of your interior décor. From acrylic finishes with aluminum steel handles that best fits contemporary home designs to the more rustic and traditional designs, you have a choice to pick from.
  • Design that is clean and streamlined, with choices ranging from the classic to the traditional and contemporary, to choose from that best fits with the current configuration of your bedroom.  
  • Configuration that is in line with your liking. For instance, you can have more hangar space or some more space for your shoe rack or integrate lighting within the wardrobe. When done appropriately, they will glow and look stunning at night.
  • Add-ons that will enhance the value of the wardrobe. For instance, reflective mirrors on the shutters will present the impression of a bigger space, or an ironing board that folds away or creates a small niche with a mirror, or drawers that can be used as a dressing table, or even a workstation within a niche area in the wardrobe.

With a bit of clever planning, the custom-built wardrobe can also be used as a partition wall, something that will be ideal for small, open-plan spaces like studio apartments.

Make sure to factor in the space of the room where you would want the custom-built wardrobe to be placed. Enlisting the guidance of a wardrobe specialist or craftsperson will help you with your decision-making process.

Finally, custom-built wardrobes in Sydney are a great investment as they are designed and built by skilled craftsmen. Robust and durable, they can last for a long time if cared for well.


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