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As it happens, it’s nice to soak up a little in a bath with warm water after a busy event and a busy day. A tub of good quality will help turn a simple hygiene procedure into a ritual of relaxation. Additional charm and sophistication to this event will be given by the appropriate arrangement of the appearance of the bathroom and the installation of a freestanding bath in it.

Such bath models make the decoration of the room royal, being at the same time one of the components that is suitable for any more or less spacious bathroom. Such bathtubs are very convenient in terms of cleaning and operation.

Freestanding baths are increasingly appearing in bathrooms – they delight with their lightness, bizarre shapes, and a touch of luxurious energy that they can bring into any, even small interior. Are you designing a bathroom and looking for a bathtub that emphasizes modern interior design? The freestanding model will be a hit – it will provide greater freedom of design and exceptional ease of use, and a timeless form will fit almost any interior. In which bathrooms will it work, what style of clothes and which model to choose? We will answer these and other questions below.

Freestanding bathtub – will it work in your bathroom?

A freestanding bathtub, in contrast to the classic built-in solutions, provides greater freedom of space design. Because it can be placed not only near the wall, in the corner, but also the middle or opposite the entrance; as a result, your bathroom will be adapted to the individual needs of the household – both functional and aesthetic.

In large bathrooms, occupying at least 10 m2, you can freely experiment with the layout, without worrying about the convenient use of all equipment and appliances. Freestanding bathtub in a small bath can stand against the wall, replacing the classic built-in model – an elegant form will give the interior lightness. A great advantage of acrylic bathtubs is their lightness, which makes it easy to manoeuvre the structure during assembly.

How to choose a freestanding bathtub?

The choice of freestanding bathtubs today is quite wide: cast-iron, acrylic, stone (most often made of artificial stone). For fans of sophistication and personality, designers can make any model to order. The number of materials for the production of designer baths is unlimited – metal, glass, wood, copper, and others.

Most bathtubs are placed on legs or feet. Their shape can be classic rectangular or rounded. The largest variety of shapes differ in plastic tubs. The style can be anything from antique to ultramodern.

Bathtubs are an absolute dominant in the interior of the bathroom, a true decoration of the bathroom, an eye-catching look. But for such a bath to be in harmony with the design of the bathroom, the place for its placement must be selected, taking into account both aesthetic and practical aspects of the room. Finding cheap bathtubs will also save you a lot. As such, you can opt for the cheap bathtubs in Sydney to give your interior a classy look.

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