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All of us come across packing operations on holidays, vacations and even on the weekends,  that needs to be done to perfection. We always go about choosing packing boxes that suit our requirements.  However, it is equally important to pay attention to the packing tape, which we most often forget or ignore completely. It is important to keep in mind that the packing boxes hold our precious belongings, and the packing tape keeps the boxes and belongings intact within it. This shows the important role that packing tapes play in keeping Boxes the way we want it till we reach our destination. This article guides you in choosing the perfect packing tape that you need.

  • Pay attention to the width of the  packing tape:

When choosing a tape for packing and sealing, it is important to pay attention to its width. There are different types of packing tapes with different widths and they come in different sizes. It depends on the box that you are packing and sealing. If it is a lightweight box on which you are using the packing tape, then a 2’’  tape is enough. Whereas for bigger boxes the 3’’ tapes are sufficient.  In shipping operations, the most widely used packing tape is the 2’’ tapes.

  • Check the adhesive on the packing tape:

It is important to check whether the packing tape has a strong adhesive that has the power of holding together the box. The adhesive should be hot melted so as to use it on heavy boxes and in shipping them safely across. Generally, boxes that are shipped from one place to another are exposed to rough handling and it is the strong adhesive on the packing tape that seals it closed and protects the contents within the box. Packing tapes protect the items in the box from scattering out and even offers protection from breakage.

In case of storage under variable temperatures, it is important to use packing tapes that contain acrylic adhesives. With strong adhesive, it can be stored and sealed for several years.

  • The thickness of the packing tape:

In addition to the above, a packing tape should also be thick in nature. Generally, the tapes range in thickness between 1.6 – 3 mils.  For lightweight and small boxes, a thickness of 1.6 mils tape Is enough. While for large and heavier boxes, packing tape that is 3.0 mils thick is used.

  • The source of the packing tape:

It is important to check and make sure that the packing tape is manufactured by a good manufacturer and supplied by a reputed packing tape supplier.  This ensures the quality of the tape provided and also indicates whether you were getting a tape that is worth the money that you are paying. The packing tape should be strong, sturdy,  durable, affordable and long-lasting.

When purchasing packing tapes you can also get the personal recommendations from people whom you know to use it regularly.


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