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The stone is highly resistant to mark, scratch and heat but not completely stain, scratch or heat. Then the stone should retain its original consistency for many years, using the appropriate Caesarstone kitchen benchtops maintenance and care guidelines.

General care and maintenance advice: 

Stone benchtop suppliers suggest that small amounts of non-bleach and non-abrasive cleaners, together with warm water and a damp cloth or sponge, should be used for routine cleaning.

Small detergent and water should be washed and cleaned immediately upon identification with the fluid spills such as berries, herbs, colours for foodstuffs, curries, etc.

Damage Preventing: 

Built to be thermal tolerant and immune to exposed temperatures of moderately high temperatures, however, care must be taken that thermal shock and permanent damage are not caused by concentrated fire.

For cookware, such as hot pots, saucepans or any heat-generating devices, we consider utilizing trivets or cover pads says stone benchtop suppliers.

  1. Do not use strong alkaline PH chemicals and solvents, such as wax removers, paint, stain strippers, removers for polishing nails, blankets, mobilizer purifiers, oil soaps, permanent markers, inks and ovens, or drain cleaners that may harm the surface of Caesarstone kitchen benchtops. If the above come in accidental contact with the benchtop, water and normal cleaning procedures should be applied immediately.
  2. Excessive weight such as human weight should be avoided.

Remove Difficult spills or stains: 

Stone benchtop suppliers suggest that you use a non-abrasive cleaning sheet, for example, with any sticky dry spills and stains. Home sponge with a common, mild cream cleanser or glass and surface cleaners (available for purchase in our showroom).

When objects like chewing gum or nails unintentionally stick to Caesarstone kitchen benchtops, the standard cleaning method may be accompanied by a plastic scraper or putty knife, which is to scrub the material gently.

Guide to stone benchtop maintenance and some caring tips!Caesarstone benchtops: 

Caesarstone is a lightweight, hydraulically easy to clean, hygienic, wear-resistant, bending resistant and environmentally friendly, very high-performance stone material.

Therefore, you ensure that your Caesarstone kitchen benchtops retain its original quality for many years by following correct care and maintenance directives.

 General care and maintenance advice: 

Stone benchtop suppliers are stain-resistant and clean spills as they occur is strongly recommended. The more days a tight area remains on the floor, the further it can (potentially) be eliminated.

Use fibreglass to remove the dust from the surface for routine cleaning and then clean your Caesarstone kitchen benchtops with warm water, or household detergent, such as a wash liquid that is sufficient to restore the surface to its original condition. Rinse with warm water and dry with a cloth or the like.

 Stone protection: 

Caesarstone kitchen benchtops have a strong level of resistance to kitchen oils, spills and chemical agents and are non-porous. No sealing is therefore necessary.

Stone benchtop suppliers offer a wide variety of stone repair tools to scrub the benchtops, in addition, to provide further security for Caesarstone kitchen benchtops.

Hope these suggestions will make your job easier while dealing with any Caesarstone kitchen benchtops. So install stone countertops to get an everlasting fresh look to your kitchen.

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