Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Hook and loop tape is very useful when you try to keep the rugs or the seat cushions from slipping down. It is best for certain organizational purposes. It is also very useful when you try to bundle up certain common items together. Even for the tools in the garage, these fasteners can easily come very handy. Even for emergency supply kits, hook and loop tape can come handy, especially when you try to strategically maintain all the items together. Fragile items or even shaken up furniture can be kept in a better condition with the help of these tapes.

For unavoidable circumstances like earthquakes or even for keeping your pet’s items in place, these tapes can be used generally. Hook and loop Velcro can be used in the attire of the old people or of the children. They are way better than continuously zipping it up or for buttoning and unbuttoning it.

While driving, if you continuously keep on checking your GPS or phone, it might actually become dangerous and can even lead to accidents. To avoid such circumstances, it is better to keep your hands free and eyes on the road and to keep the phone or the GPS on the dash. To attach it, it is very helpful if one simply uses a hook and loop tape to keep the tablet or the phone attached to the dash. It is always very beneficial to keep your items in a secured position.

Creative hacks with the hook and loop tape:

Although the hook and loop is not a new concept, various interesting inventions can be done with them. They create great cloth diaper grip for the babies without elasticity. They can also be made into a reusable cord tie and can come really handy when you might require a quick hem. They can also be used to make a less expensive phone stand which you can keep anywhere you feel like. Full body suits can also be made with the help of hook and loop tapes.

Even while surfing, you can keep the surfboard attached to the person surfing very easily with the help of the surfboard leashes made out of hook and loop tapes. Catch and toss games or a tennis ball can also be made up of these tapes. Teddy bear band-aids or travel board games can be made from these tapes.

Double sided tapes can be used to make the travel games steady so that they do not fall off while in motion. Reusable bags can be made from them so that it helps in cutting down waste. They can be used to make other variety of things too, like, carpet holder, paper dolls, non-pinch batteries, key holders, towel loops, military gear, gym mats, shoes, plant ties, horse blankets, and hidden electronics. Even NASA used these tapes in Space which seems unrealistic but is completely true. Remotes can be stuck to any common location with the help of hook and loop tape so that you can locate it anywhere easily. It is very beneficial and is highly recommended too.

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