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Oak has been rapidly growing in popularity when it comes to timber flooring and is outpacing other hardwood alternatives. There are 2 main species of solid oak timber flooring- white oak and red oak- both of them are great choices and provide with sturdy flooring. Wooden flooring, in general, has a number of advantages. Not only does it add market value to the property, but it also has a natural warmth and charm about it, which lends a very inviting vibe to space. Solid timber flooring can survive for decades, for up to a century, with minimal repair work done on it. It is very easy to clean and is ideal for maintaining a healthy environment around the space. It does not emit a foul odour and nor does it trap smell. Though the initial cost is higher than most of the other alternatives, oak timber flooring is preferred by most properties in Sydney.

Why choose solid timber flooring over other alternatives?

Well, wood flooring is engineered to survive the test of time, with very little wear and tear. They hold warmth more than man-made laminates, stone or tile flooring. Therefore, solid timber flooring is a lot more comfortable under the foot, especially during winters. Plus, it cannot be easier to clean! They are resistant to liquid spills and do not trap odour get stained easily. Oak timber flooring in Sydney is ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers because it does not harbour parasites such as mites, fleas, ticks, pollens or other allergens.

Oak timber flooring is becoming a trend in Sydney

Believe it or not, most people are opting for Oak timber flooring in Sydney because it is timeless! Do not opt for new trends which will fade away eventually. Instead, go for flooring designs which will last for a long time and look timeless along the way. There are so many designs and styles available, that you can choose from stylish contemporary patterns, aesthetic classic ones. Plus, solid wooden flooring is environment-friendly, so you are doing your part in preserving the environment.

Pricing of oak timber flooring

As mentioned above, solid timber flooring is an expensive affair. However, the cost does break even in the long run. Besides, there is a whole spectrum of designs to choose from, across price brackets. It is a great investment for the years to come. So do not rule out timber flooring, before speaking about price quotes with a reputed oak timber flooring provider in Sydney. It is a one-time-expense and you will reap the benefits for the years to come. Oak hardwood is very hard-wearing and has been used for centuries owing to its durability. Plus, the appearance of oak improves with time; the colour gets richer with time and provides with a warmth to the surroundings. Oak is available in an astonishing array of designs and styles, so you can easily take your pick so that the flooring synchronizes easily with the rest of the décor.


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