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The sciatic nerve is a nerve that passes through either one or both legs. This sciatic nerve starts from the lower back and runs through the buttocks, hips, and down to the legs. Sciatica alludes to a painful sensation that affects this track on which the sciatic nerve passes through. In most cases, sciatica pain attacks, particularly one side of the body. Sciatica pain is caused when an individual is associated with practices like hard work that pressurizes the back, and heavy lifting. However, sciatica pain may also occur gradually with no particular cause.

This pain is quite sharp, and affected people describe it as a darting kind of pain. Therefore, effective sciatica treatment is of critical essence in a particular area. This is because with therapy, people who are ailing from sciatica pain will get treated, and information about the condition will be common knowledge in the particular community. Thus, if you have sciatica, opt for sciatica treatment in Bankstown where experienced specialists who will help you.

There are several common symptoms of sciatica pain; for example, a person can realize that he/she is suffering from sciatica pain by pointing out the particular places that are painful. The typical pain areas include the lower back, leg, or rear and get worse when sitting, hips, and buttocks. Other common symptoms include weakness in the muscles, difficulty while walking, numbness, and weakness of the affected foot, burning sensations, and tingling (like needles or pins) on the leg.

These are all typical symptoms that are associated with sciatica pain. It is important to note that sciatic neuritis is a common self-diagnosable condition. However, the individuals who can self-diagnose themselves are those who have specific details of the particular symptoms of the disease. Though the symptoms are quite harsh, sciatica treatment is easy and works quickly and effectively.

The respective kind of sciatica treatment that a patient gets varies according to the acuteness of the pain. The typical treatment for sciatic neuritis is that of physiotherapy and pain regulation. Physiotherapy is vital because it helps the patient be able to control the pain. Besides, the patient learns from his/her physiotherapist several techniques that can help him/her reduce the pain when it insists. The other familiar methods used for sciatica treatment, for instance, supportive care, self-care, medical procedures, medications, and therapies. All these treatment methods and strategies are quite useful in sciatic neuritis. However, they are recommended per the severity of the condition on the patient.

Supportive Care

One of the treatment methods of sciatic neuritis is supportive care. This involves the sciatica patient getting supportive care from either doctors or nurses. One method of supportive care is the use of ice packs. It is recommended to apply cold blocks of ice on the painful parts for roughly 20 or 30 minutes. For this to be effective, it should be done several times each day. Also, after three or four days, a heat lamp should be included in the practice. The heat lamp should be at its’ lowest temperature and should be applied to the painful parts. This practice of alternating cold and warm is very likely to provide relief and reduce the severity of the pain. Any changes and improvements need to be closely monitored to know if supportive care for sciatica treatment is effective or not.


Patients of sciatica pain can also engage in self-care practices that will help reduce the pain drastically. Examples of self-care treatment include the use of cold blocks of ice and heat lamps and physical exercise. Particular kinds of exercises will be beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation. For example, aerobic exercise that has low-impact is highly recommended. Aerobic exercise is fundamental because it causes both oxygen and many critical nutrients responsible for healing to travel to the spine and lower back areas, thus strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility. Therefore, self-care is also a significant method of sciatica treatment.


Several kinds of medication are quite effective in the treatment of sciatica neuritis. For example, muscle relaxants that are responsible for lessening tension in the muscles, thus reducing pain and discomfort in the muscles; analgesics that are quite effective in pain reduction; steroids that repair tissues and help them grow; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. And nerve pain medication. All these respective kinds of medications are fundamental in relaxing the affected muscles, reducing pain, and repairing the damaged tissues causing them to grow again. Therefore, medication is an essential, sciatica treatment method that is effective in fighting pain and inflammation.


Since sciatica pain affects mainly the muscles and tissues of an individual, therapy is a fundamental part of its’ treatment. Therapy includes massaging the affected parts, stretching and exercising, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatment methods. These respective forms of therapy are effective in relaxing the tense muscles, enhancing physical functionality and flexibility on the affected area, and soothing or alleviating pain and inflammation.

Medical Procedure

When the other respective sciatica treatment methods have not worked very effectively, it is highly recommended to get a medical procedure done on the affected area. The specific medical process done is referred to as the epidural steroid injection. This procedure involves an injection that instils certain powerful steroids to the root of the sciatic nerve. The steroids injected are quite useful because they will help in reducing pain and inflammation drastically, thus treating the sciatica pain effectively.

Prevention of Sciatica Pain

Several methods can be used to treat sciatica pain. For example, avoiding sitting for long hours, maintaining a good posture while standing, sleeping, and sitting; practising proper lifting methods with a fitness instructor; avoiding cigarette smoking, and exercising the spine and lower back muscles regularly. These particular methods are useful in maintaining good health, thus avoiding sciatica pain effectively.

Good health is indeed a great gift that everyone should be grateful for having. Some several lifestyles and practices destroy the body, thus giving rise to certain conditions like sciatic neuritis. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly are fundamental practices that will help in maintaining a healthy body.

Thomas Robinson, CPT, Ln2 is a freelance writer focusing on the health, fitness and wellness industry. Thomas is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and wellness educator.

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