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PTFE seal tape is a special type of joiner that connects two sections of pipe or tubing. They are often considered superior to threaded connectors in that they form a more reliable, tighter seal that can prevent solids, liquids, and some gases from escaping the pipe.

These connectors have many applications in circumstances where soldering or other types of metal joining are either impossible or impractical, such as when pipes are already wet. They are also incredibly easy to install. After installation, they can be unscrewed, and the pipe or tubing pieces can be removed for transfer or cleaning.

  • Components

ptfe tapPTFE seal tape has three main parts – an outer compression nut, an inner compression ring called a ferrule or an olive, and a receiving threaded piece. The outer nut and threaded pieces are usually made of steel or some other high-grade, durable metal, while the ferrule is generally made of a ductile material such as copper or brass.

  • Installation

Installation requires proper alignment of the ferrule. The ferrule is bevelled on one end and flat on the other. When slipped over the pipe, one side will make contact with the surface of the pipe. The proper ferrule size must be used since, after installation, this piece will be snug around the pipe and challenging to slide or remove.

To begin, place the olive over the pipe and the pipe into the receiving threaded piece. Again, the connection should be snug. Slide the bolt down the pipe, over the olive and threaded piece, and tighten. It is best at this stage to use your strength – not a wrench or grip – to tighten the bolt. Continue doing so until it is impossible to tighten it anymore. Then, use a wrench to tighten the bolt a half-turn or a full turn.

With other fittings, the contact of the threads is the only barrier in the connector, and water and gas have many opportunities to escape. However, as you screw the bolt onto these connectors, the pressure exerted on boiler spare parts flattens it against the surface of the pipe, creating a water- and gas-tight seal.

If you wish to strengthen the seal, you can remove the bolt and wrap PTFE tape, or thread seal tape, over the olive. When the pieces are reconnected, the tape will add an extra sealed layer to the connection. Oil can also be added to the threads, creating a smooth and consistently tight bolt.

  • Applications

PTFE seal tape has numerous applications across several industries. Their tight seal and water-safe materials make them an obvious choice for household or commercial plumbing systems. They are also essential components of fuel lines in some makes of cars, water lines in houses or restaurants, and gas lines for residential heaters. PTFE seal tape is a reliable type of connector that should be a part of any set of tools.

 Overall, the leaking systems may cause a thousand dollars damage to the ceiling floors and other furnished valuables. Therefore implementing the use of  PTFE gaskets and other tapes is the best way of preventing any leakage.

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