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TheOneSpy is a high-tech screen recording app that enables the user to record the screen of a digital device without having access. For instance, if you want to record the screen of your kid’s smartphone, you can use the app to capture the phone screen remotely. TOS is a complete monitoring solution that is designed for android smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. Once you install the app on the targeted digital device, you can capture the screen of that device anytime and from anywhere. In this article, we have discussed how the screen recording app works on mobile phones and computer devices. Read on to know how you can efficiently use the software to capture the screen of a targeted device remotely.

What is Screen Recording Software?

Do you want to record the screen of a digital device? Are you interested in the mobile tracker or monitoring the computer activities of your employees? Do you want to capture the screen of a mobile phone that is not in your access? All you need is a screen recording software of TOS. It is an advanced screen recorder that allows capturing screen of a digital device without having physical access. 

It is designed for business persons and families to keep an eye on screens of internet-enabled mobile phones and computers of employees and children. Once you install the app on the concerned device, you can take screenshots and make a short video of whatever appears on the screen anytime and from anywhere. It enables parents and employers to watch out and record digital activities of their offspring and working staff.

How Does the Screen Recorder Work?

The screen recording app comes with an online control panel through which the user can make use of the app. It cannot be controlled by the mobile phone installed with the recorder. The user needs to log into the online control panel to send instructions to the target device. You can sign in to the control panel by using the internet on a mobile phone or computer device. As you send command for screen recording to the targeted digital device, the app installed on that device starts recording screen. The duration for screen recording is determined by the user. It can be enhanced by sending multiple commands at a time.

How to Record Screen of Mobile Phones?

You can capture the screen of any internet-enabled mobile phone by using the screen recorder app. Firstly, you need to install the app on the smartphone. Subscribe the screen recorder app and download it to the phone you want to remotely monitor. The next step is to install the app and this is very simple. Run the downloaded file and follow directions coming on the screen. You can also take help from video tutorials available on the developer website. 

Once the app is successfully installed on the target device, log into the online control panel. The subscriber is provided with credentials to log into the web portal at the time of the app subscription. Sign in to the portal using these credentials and find a screen recording feature on the main menu. While sending a command for screen recording, the user is asked to set the time duration for the recording. Select the desired duration and tap Okay.   

How to Record Screen of Computers?

The computer screen can be captured in the same way the phone screen is recorded. Download and install the screen recorder software on the targeted computer device and sign in to the online portal to send command for screen recording. Choose the duration for which you want to capture the screen. Upon receiving your command, the target device starts capturing the screen. The app uploads the recorded video to the web portal from where the user can retrieve it anytime.  

Compatible Devices and OS

The screen recorder is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers running different operating systems. It includes Android smartphones, Android tablets, Windows desktop computers, Windows laptops, Mac desktop computers, and Mac laptops. The software supports Android 5+, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac 10.5+. 


The screen recorder is compatible with plenty of digital devices running with certain operating systems likewise popular Android phone brands. The supported brands of Windows computers include HP, Acer, Dell, and Samsung among others. The screen recorder for Mac devices supports MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.       

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