Tue, Sep 28, 2021

As the coronavirus has increased internet usage exponentially, it has also created more search traffic for business websites to plummet in several industries during 2020. These days, most people are looking for things online, especially during this pandemic period. This makes the internet to be skyrocketed during this outbreak, but everyone has to remember that internet users do not refer exclusively to any online searches.  Besides, it also includes activities like electronic transfer, movie streaming, virtual meetings, gaming, mobile apps, social media and several others. Do you still think about the necessity for SEO Service Agency for your business during this COVID-19 pandemic? Continue reading to explore the reasons! 

Search has an oversized channel share 

As per the survey, 53% of all the traffic to the website arrives from the organic searches. When you look at the whole, 83% of the search traffic is organic, and 17% of the traffic is from the paid search. Several companies have halted the paid search due to these pandemic related business interruptions. It is the high time to re-evaluate the paid strategy supporting the organic SEO strategies to drive more traffic for the business. 

Offering long term traffic equity 

When SEO does not require any upfront investment of resources, earn search engine ranking can persist for the long term. The content you create, optimize and publish today will serve your brand in the upcoming days and it can also update to reflect evolving the business objective by the economic recovery.  Similarly, you can have opportunities now to review the top-performing content, updating and optimizing based on this pandemic condition. 

How Global SEO Services Are Benefiting The Business In Pandemic?SEO is not only for generating traffic 

The key purpose of Global SEO services is not merely for enhancing the website traffic, but it is also for enhancing the qualified traffic as well. This means that the visitors who are finding their way to your website in the face of opposing trends are most likely very interested in what you can actually offer them. In this way, SEO can help you determine the highly qualified leads for the business even if to nurture in the forthcoming days. 

Freshness can offer an edge 

The search engine wants to see the content that works with EAT (expertise, authority and trustworthiness). However, people want to know the search giant that wants to show the searchers the most updated information. Continuing to regularly publish quality content with well researched, optimized, properly cited, original content will give you more opportunity to appear in front of the motivated searches in the noisy search results. Ensure you update the most popular and evergreen content. Though you do not add the COVID – 19 related content, ensure to add the statistics, media, recommendation and call to action in the content. 

Final thoughts 

Have you now got an idea on SEO that will help you to perform well on the digital platform? This period is a boon for the business to survive online. However, ensure you are following the right tactics and options to stand unique and occupy the top position in the digital space. 

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