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Irrespective of the type of project, cost remains a deciding factor. It is applicable for the construction of the concrete driveway as well. As a house owner, you would need to set out a tentative budget that would be required to either construct or resurface a driveway made up of concrete.

If you have not planned as such, the following write-up would help you get an idea of what would a Concrete Driveway Cost In Sydney. Have a look:

Driveway, undoubtedly, is one of the value additions to the property. It is not only functional but also adds aesthetic beauty to the house. It offers great convenience to park the vehicle instead of keeping it on the road. But is all investmentworthy? Let us analyse the factors in detail. 

Factors Impacting the Cost of Construction: 

There are numerous factors that impact the overall cost of the concrete driveway. According to the experts associated with the field:

The following are some of the prominent ones that play a crucial role in cost determination: 

  • The Size of the Driveway: 

It is obvious that the concrete driveway cost in Sydney would be directly proportional to the size of the driveway. The size of the driveway would include the length and the width for which the proposal is being made for the project. 

  • The slope in the Driveway: 

It might sound a bit out of the track, but the fact is that the cost varies if the driveway is built on a slope because the material usage, in this case, is more in order to ensure better safety and confidence. 

  • Preparing for the Project: 

Pre preparation for the project too adds to the cost. For example, if the way for the driveway is to be made through the garden then excavation work is needed to be carried out. These types of preparatory works add to the overall cost of the project. 

  • Decorations and Textures: 

Well, in recent times, the concrete driveway cost in Sydney shooting up because of the demand of the people to add textures and patterns to the driveways as a part of the decoration. Companies charge extra for such work. 

What would be the Actual Concrete Driveway Cost? 

According to the experts, with the availability of so many determinants of cost, it is an onerous task to quote a particular number as the cost of construction. The range is also huge and mostly hovers in between $1,50and $11,000 depending on the above-mentioned factors. There are labour prices as well which are calculated in square metres. 

The following is an elaborative estimate of the cost. One should have an idea of what is it going to be by the time the construction of the driveway completes. However, the companies provide a quotation with the details.  

Stencilled Concrete  $100  $150 
Stamped Concrete  $90  $120 
Coloured Concrete  $75  $90 
Aggregate Concrete  $100  $150 
Plain Concrete  $60  $85 


As from the above table, it is visible that under any circumstance and irrespective of the company from where it is being constructed, the cheapest driveway would be the plain one. 

However, there is another element that needs to be considered- the width of the driveway. The following table gives a rough estimate of the same. Have a look!!  

Tripe  (1*3)m2= 3m2  270-360 
Double  (1*2)m2= 2m2  180-240 
Single  (1*1)m2= 1m2  90-120 


Note: The above tables show just a rough estimate of concrete driveway cost in Sydney. This is going to vary from one service provider to another. It is, therefore, recommended to get the quote for the updated cost with all the customisation. 

Maintenance Cost: 

As an owner of the property, you simply cannot take into account the cost of construction. There are recurring expenses associated with the concrete driveway. These are included as maintenance- filling and colouring. The regular maintenance would add life to the driveway and protect it from weathering. 


Well, as far as estimating the real cost of the construction of the driveway, it is difficult to do so.  It is often seen that cost varies from region to region, company to company, and amount of customisation being asked for. Hiring a specialist would always assist in improving the quality and maintaining the cost. 

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