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What better way to show off your sports jersey collection than with a jersey framing? The challenge is to determine which one would be the right one to use for the specific look and style of jersey you want to show. Not all jersey frames are made the same, and different styles and sizes are available here are some of the factors that affect jersey framing prices. 

  • Factors that affect the price:
  1. Style:

Jersey framing, just like necessary framing, can be done in various styles and sizes, such as special UV-protective glass, suede, outline matting, and Plexiglas frame. Basic frames may include a plain jersey frame, with one or two photos on a regular frame, or even a team of colors on a mat. The more expensive options may include a suede mattress, a mahogany frame, UV protection glass, and a team logo patch. 

    2. Add-ons:

The overall price of jersey framing is also influenced by the type of add-ons chosen, as indicated in the first point. For example, adding a full plate and a photograph can be high in price than the basic frame. Also, choosing a mahogany frame instead of a standard frame can add other extra costs to the estimated value price.

  •  Jersey Framing Overview:

Jersey frame is a method that requires precise ironing and pinning within a sturdy frame with protective Plexiglas. The pinning is achieved using specially crafted stainless steel frame pins that attach the jersey to the mat without damaging or discoloring it.

Depending on the type of framing service you select, the jersey framing can include single or double paper matting in the player’s team colours or personalized to match your needs. Customizations are also provided, such as adding a team logo, adding a nameplate, and a team font. Most businesses need two to four weeks from the time they obtain the frame and distribution jersey. The timing also depends on the position and the order.

  • How to Save Money?

Compare the jersey flaming price rates with at least three separate framing companies and take note of those providing fair prices. It also does not hurt to find a framing company that offers free shipping if you want to send it online. While you do not want to focus solely on price, you will want to look at past examples and see what other people are saying about them online. In the future, a cheaper frame can sacrifice quality.

When reviewing jersey framing prices, check the portfolio and any other past work. This gives you a fair understanding of their knowledge and experience in framing. Try to choose an acid-free matte because it bleeds slowly over time to the jersey. Often, they aim to upgrade to UV resistant Plexiglass to help keep colours and jerseys from fading.

Ensure that the jersey framing manufacturer will not use any harmful adhesives, pins, or staples on the jersey when connected to the frame. The jersey must be framed using non-damaging products such as the foam core to ensure that it is well protected. It is essential always to ask how the framing process works.

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