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If you are planning to renovate your house then this is the best time of the year to do so. With Christmas around the corner if you start now, then you will be welcoming people in the newly furbished house in the holiday season.

Previously, bathrooms were not considered important while planning the interior of the house and they were considered as an extra expenditure but the modern approach has changed that notion. In modern interior designs, bathrooms are an integral part of the whole design. A well-decorated bathroom will not only give the interior of your house a complete look but also earn you praise from your guests.

So here are some ideas for designing modern and contemporary bathrooms in Sydney.

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Simplicity is the hallmark of any modern design language. Using simple geometric shapes in terms of bathroom accessories mostly dominates contemporary designs. Also, simple design like pairing white tiles with a natural stone backsplash brings a different appeal to your place along with the use of modern artworks, installing bigger mirrors will only enhance the simplicity of your bathroom design. 

Open and airy:

Open and airy is the voice of every modern design and to do that keeping your bathroom clutter-free is important. You can use built-in shelves and cabinets to keep the toiletries and other items out of the plain sight which will make your bathroom feel more spacious. Also, try and increase the glass area and if possible make the windows bigger so that more sunlight can enter which will automatically make your bathroom look bigger than it already is.


Every contemporary bathroom design has a touch of green in it. It brings an element of nature and colour to your bathroom. The natural colour and appeal of a small plant combined with some unique pots will bring a different edge to the design. But in general, terms, installing small plants indoors is good for your eyes and also the environment of the house. So, every contemporary interior design ideas have a focus on bringing some green elements inside the house.


Lighting is a key factor in modern bathroom design so choosing the right lighting fixtures is very important. Keeping in the mind the lines and geometric shapes you are using for your bathroom, choose your fixtures accordingly. Also, try and use led lights as they save energy and don’t heat up your bathroom.


You have to keep the accessories of your bathroom in sync with your modern and simple design. You can visit any shop that sells bathroom renovation supplies in Sydney and ask them for a suggestion or choose what you think will be right for you.

These are the fundamentals of any modern bathroom design and you will find several designs and ideas on the internet based on these fundamentals. But if you want to create exclusive contemporary bathrooms in Sydney, then it is best to consult a professional first. 

So, raise some eyebrows and increase the value of your house with a modern and contemporary bathroom.


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