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The correct bed, coupled with a right mattress, will give you a long and healthy sleep, after which you can take on new achievements with renewed vigour. What are the hidden features of the timber king bed frame and what you need to consider when buying a bed model that will last you for many years?


  •  Wooden and metal bed frames – Their pros and cons.


Wood and metal perfectly cope with the load, look stylish, and are hypoallergenic (today bedroom furniture has a special coating). Therefore, they are the leaders in the quality of materials for the bedroom. Forged models are also durable and able to become a real decoration of the bedroom.

The wooden and metal beds, of course, have their pros and cons, starting with the price and ending with the weight. 

The next position in the ranking is wicker options. Timber king bed frame models are also practical, although more demanding concerning the style in the interior, and therefore may not be suitable for everyone.


  • Lamels or solid base


Modern manufacturers are increasingly offering customers frames with lamellas. Elastic, flexible straps withstand a severe load and enhance the orthopaedic effect, making it possible to add air the bed. 

A one-piece base is a choice for a timber king bed frame bed with a large built-in laundry box. The debugged mechanism makes it easy to open and close the bulky “lid”, folding unnecessary seasonal items in a box. Lousy ventilation, in this case, is minimized, especially if the furniture is in the corner.

There are also springy or trellised bases. This base is quite durable and breathable. Besides, it does not accumulate moisture and is easy to clean. Therefore, it is precisely such modern models that are used in sanatoriums, hospitals, camps, etc. Unlike an armoured bed, the trellised basis does not sag.


  • What is under the frame


 An empty place will make it easy to carry out regular wet cleaning, which is essential if there is a person in the house who suffers from allergies or is often ill with acute respiratory infections.

A solid “deaf” contour, on the contrary, will close the space under the furniture, creating a kind of shield from dust, wool, toys and clothing. Usually, this is how a bed with a large linen box is framed.

Alternatively, you can also choose leg furniture by ordering an additional set of drawers for linen.


  • Timber King Bed Frame Tips


  1. Pay attention to the maximum load that the timber king bed frame can withstand. Consider not only your weight but also bedding (especially a multi-layer mattress), resorting to children in the morning, etc.
  2. A single bed should have a minimum of 5 legs and a double bed 6. A reinforced structure will allow you to use furniture to its full potential without fear.
  3. The distance between the lamellas should not be larger than the diameter of the mattress springs. Otherwise, there is a risk of their bursting. In general, the more slats, the stronger the base and the more weight it can withstand.
  4. The “perimeter” of the frame must exceed the size of the mattress by 1 cm on each side.

Detailed descriptions of the timber king bed frame will help you choose a bed or a separate frame, a high-quality mattress, a comfortable pillow and a cosy blanket will also give you a pleasant experience.

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