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While trying to select the best shower screens among the vast option, it is better to identify the right type, which will fit your present bathroom just perfectly. Nowadays, the market houses so many shower screens.

Right from the ones which are fixed to swing, sliding, and even folding options, there are multiples available, and each one using different material. You can opt for the frosted or clear glass options or the ones in the acrylic version. Each bathroom screen is designed to serve a different purpose and aesthetic value. Each one can change the feel and look of your current bathroom space well.

When it focuses on practicality:

When the matter revolves around practicality, then the paneled design of the bathing screen is always easier to clean than that of the shower curtain. Cleaning your Bathroom Shower Screens Sydney with bleach right after few uses is always an advisable step to keep the product in its top form and free from mold and mildew build-up. 

These bath screens might also add a better bathing experience with holding trays for soaps and shampoos, handrails for those slippery flooring areas, and more. Moreover, these screens can be customized easily, making their advantages endless. But, it is true that the rates are a bit towards the higher size. However, once purchased, there is no looking back as these screens will last for a good amount of time.

The latest trends in the market:

Currently, you have a frameless glass bathing screen winning over millions of hearts in modernized bathrooms. Some of the models are even available in curved up shapes. Loads of households will be using bath screens available with plastic or aluminium frames. The main goal of current manufacturers is to provide screens without any frames for increasing the present visibility rates. Some will have few mechanisms and will end up with the preferred modern look. 

It is genuinely practical to opt for a screen option without any frame as water cannot then sit on the rail. So, that will prevent dirt and mould build-up, making it pretty easier to clean and also maintain.

How to choose between various screens?

There are various bath screens available and those are folding, swing, pivoting, and even sliding. You can opt for fixed options too. Let’s check out the advantages and characteristics of each one of those options along with their cons a bit as well.

  • Sliding screen: This form of the bathing screen is available in 1 or 2 sliding doors. Here, you will need a rail for the rim of the bathtub and one for the ceiling. It will allow the doors to slide through properly. You will receive quite some privacy with such options as it is closed up completely and noise can be retained from within this enclosure. It will avoid leakage outside the shower area too.
  • Folding screen: If you have less space in the bathroom, then a folding screen is the option for you. It is available in 2, 3, or 4 folding doors. Such bathroom shower screens sydney will need a rail. But, there is one disadvantage associated with this option. If you have more such folding doors, then there is a higher risk associated with technical issues. It might lead this screen to get damaged faster.
  • Swing screen: This screen will act more like a pivot door and will present more room to enter and exit the bathroom. However, for accommodating such screens, you will need a bigger bathroom. This door will address a division between toilet and bathroom space and will limit the noise from entering the bathing zone. It even prevents water spillage onto the toilet floor.
  • Fixed screen: If you are looking for a permanent option, fixed totally to the wall and on the tiled or bathtub floor, then a fixed screen is the option for you. It is one of the most popular options with a minimalistic look. This fixed screen is perfect for larger bathtubs as it needs quite some space to maneuver. You can keep it fixed on the rail and mostly in aluminium. Then the frame remains glued to the bathroom rim or fixed to the wall, maybe with frame or without it. 

Once you are aware of the screen types and their specific features, looking for the right option, and selecting it won’t be a difficult task at all.


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