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The business of disinfection is a serious affair. Consumers should understand the importance of a great disinfection service provider. People usually seek to employ those service providers that they have an acquaintance to, and little attention is paid to the quality of the service that they are being provided. This usually leads to partial disinfection of the property leading to increased cases of transmission of disease-causing germs, viruses, and bacteria which lead to harm to the health and well-being of people. It is quite obvious that people wish to provide a healthy and cohesive environment to their loved ones and so employ home disinfection services that serve the purpose of ensuring complete sanity in the residential environment.


Understanding the problem

  • Residential Set-up

Certain factors prove to be the hurdle when it comes to choosing the best disinfectant service providers or opting for service providers at all. The first problem is the lack of proper knowledge and concern about the importance of home disinfection services. The residential consumers in various areas throughout Singapore are less aware of the significance of disinfecting their homes. They usually consider this as a burden on their pockets and do not volunteer to employ service providers. This leads to their loved ones, especially children, being exposed to potential threats that can affect the health of those infected. 

Another reason for the spread of infection in residential set up is due to individuals assuming the notion that a clean house will be free from bacteria. This is, however, not the case as there are several bacteria, viruses, and germs that can’t be seen by naked eyes and exist to live on surfaces until the surface is disinfected. With working parents becoming busier and more dedicated to their work, less attention is usually paid towards inculcating good hygiene habits in the children. The high contact points that remain more vulnerable to viruses and germs are usually not disinfected at all and children usually acquire the disease-causing viruses from these points. 

  • Corporate Set-up

Also, when it comes to commercial consumers, the problem is of sheer negligence. The corporations fail to understand that the office is one such place where employees spend the majority of their day and if such spaces are not disinfected, the working individuals are prone to infection and transmission of germs at the workplace. This results in a decreased efficiency of employees. The corporates usually conceive the disinfection services as a financial burden and try to overlook its importance as regards to economic considerations.

The corporate heads need to understand that the disinfection of the working spaces is not a financial liability instead it ensures better health of employees and increased work efficiency. Ensuring hygienic working spaces means ensuring the health of employees that leads to a reduction in sick leaves and days where employees fail to dedicate their 100% efforts. This leads to better performance of all individuals thereby increasing the productivity of the firm.


Considering disinfection

There are many providers of home disinfection and office disinfection services in Singapore. So, certain factors need to be considered while selecting disinfectants from various service providers. The effect of hard water or organic matter should be considered. The disinfection product must act even in the presence of organic matter. Also, the products used for disinfection should not leave any residue or cause corrosion. The product used should not be toxic or be skin, eye or respiratory irritant. 

The consumers shall seek help from highly trained professionals who have an adequate level of proficiency in the field. They should look for service providers that assess the working and living spaces, inspect the vulnerable areas and then chalk out a plan of action according to the requirements. Such professionalism ensures that the disinfection process provides the desired results and such service providers can be trusted. Also, as the number of service providers is on a rise, people should pay attention to consumer reviews to ensure that a trustworthy firm is employed.



Residential as well as commercial consumers need to ensure that their built environment is disinfected as the first step towards the complete sanitization of their properties. Taking the help of trusted service providers is not only desirable but also necessary to ensure the safety of anyone and everyone that spends their time in these spaces.

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