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One of the important bathroom accessories in Sydney is bath screens. House owners must carefully select the bath screen based on the available bathroom space and bathtub type. Bath screens are available in different types. Fixed, Swing, sliding and folding are some of the bath screen types available in Sydney.

They are also made of different materials. Acrylic, frosted and glass are some of the material used for making bath screens. Each bath screen will have different aesthetics and function. The feel and look of the bathroom changes based on the bath screen types. 

Importance of bathroom accessories in Sydney

Panelled designs are easy to clean when compared with the shower curtains. To keep the bath screens clean it must be cleaned with the bleaching after a few years.  It also prevents the bath screens from the buildup of mould and mildew. It will also improve the experience of the bath by providing additional facilities like holding trays for placing bath things and handrails. They can be customized as per our needs. 

Bath screen has a lot of advantages when compared with the shower curtains but the bath screens are a little expensive. One of the popular bath screen types is the frameless glass type.

It is mostly used in modern bathrooms. Curved shaped frameless bath screens are mostly used in Sydney. Bath screen made up of plastic frame and aluminium is mostly used in Sydney.

Bath screen with frame will have high visibility and also a few mechanisms. Bath screen without frame will prevent water storage on the rails, deposition of dirt and buildup of mould. 

Bathroom Accessories

Types of bath screens in Sydney:

The bath screens are differentiated based on the opening system. Pivoting, sliding, folding, swing, and fixed are some of the commonly used bath screen types in Sydney. Advantages, disadvantages and basic characteristics of bath screen types are listed below. 

Fixed bath screen:

It is fully fixed with the wall and the floor or the bathtub. It cannot be rotated. It is a modern option with few functions. A fixed bath screen is best suited for large bathtubs since it has a large space around it. It can be fixed with the wall, bathtub, rail or even without frames. Fixed bath screens are easy to install and clean. 

Swing bath screen:

It is similar to the pivot door. It can be opened when needed. You can enter the room for a bath and exit from it. But for installing a swing bath screen you need a large space. It divides the bath area and toilet. It also prevents water spillage and reduces the other disturbance. 

Folding bath screen:

If you have a restriction with space then this is the best option. It is available in two, three or four folding doors. Some models need rail for installation. It will create technical problems since there are many folding doors. 

Sliding bath screen:

It is similar to the folding screen. It has one or two folding doors in it. It requires rail for installing the sliding scree. It provides privacy for users. It avoids leakage and also reduces the outside noise.

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