Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Whenever someone is planning to get a glass pool fence, the first thing that they need to focus on is the glass for their fence. It is vital to ensure that the new pool you are about to install should match the Australian standards. The product needs to be certified and there will be some other critical factors that you have to consider whenever you are purchasing that new Frameless glass pool fencing in Helensburgh for your outdoor.

With passing time, you will come across so many stories talking about the inferior quality of the glass panels shattering or even exploding because of the bad quality option. So, buyers are always in the mood to get hands-on the best glass type for the application, to prevent any kind of damage later on. Searching the internet will let you come across multiple factors for you to consider while selecting the right glass for the pool fence. Be sure to check out those points now.

Dealing with the much promising thickness of the glass:

The most commonly available glass panel thickness in the Australian market will be from 6mm to 12mm. It is really important to check in with the thickness of the glass before proceeding further with the best options now.

  • You have the semi-frameless glass, which will be of around 10mm thickness. Then you have the 12mm thickness of the frameless glass option.
  • Even though it is possible to get 6 to 8mm thick glass panels, it is vital to urge customers to be extremely cautious while focusing on such thinner panels.
  • For any impact like a person falling to a glass panel, it is not a good idea if there are thinner glasses available to take on that impact.
  • Glass panels are likely to take up very high loads of winds. So, the thicker is the glass, the less likely it for it to shatter during high winding gusts or any other weather events.

Checking in out with the Australian standards right away:

Make sure that your selected company selling Frameless glass pool fencing in Helensburgh must match up with the Australian standards. The panels, which are stamped by the International Certification Company, will be significant as these panels along with the production procedures have thoroughly met some stringent quality standards and even major criteria. While most of the panels from some other suppliers might scrape off the Australian Standards, it is unlikely that they might be stamped with certification by any of the independent company, unless they form higher quality.

Getting hold of the best companies and their Australian standard glass panels is really important if you want to be sure of the purchase you have made. Check out the possible options before you can finalize the main goal here.


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