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There are several segments of professionals taking care of your house and associated house items. Masons are there to ensure there is no seepage into your house. Electricians are there to ascertain you get an uninterrupted electrical supply. Plumbers are there to take care of the water system of the house. But, the field of plumbing is vast and there are several professionals associated with it. The other being the drainage contractors. People seem confused when it comes to whom to hire. Therefore, it is necessary to know the points of differences between a plumber and a drainage contractor.

Drainage Contractors- Professionals Adept in Handling Underground Water Systems

Not to confuse with the name as drainage contractors in Sydney are not only confined to handle only drains but also are equally proficient in dealing with underground systems that carry water. Water lines, combined sewer systems, sewer lines, drainage are some of the functional areas.

In addition to this, a professional drainage contractor specialises in wastewater and the effective management of its. Buildings often face issues like clogging of drains or slowing down of the water passage in the pipes present under or outside of the building. Drainage contractors attend these issues and ensure that the area remains hygienic and odour-free.

Another line of difference lies between a drainage contractor and a plumber is the technologies that the former use during their work. The professional drainage contractors in Sydney have in their kitty some of the modern and advanced equipment that help them to spot the point of the drainage where the coagulation or blockage has happened. Their specialised diagnostic equipment helps them in hardscaping and excavation. This also helps them to use alternatives like trenchless pipe bursting in place of excavation.

Therefore, if you have the following issues in your property then you need to call a drainage contractor—

  • Blocked or Broken Water pipelines
  • Blocked Sewer Lines
  • Blocked Drains leading to water overflow and odour
  • Landscaping
  • Hardscaping
  • Excavation or trenchless pipe bursting
  • Addressing issues like a flooded basement
  • Tree Root Infiltration that can damage underground water and drainage pipelines

Plumbers- The Specialist to Address Tap related Problems

There are times when the taps of your building leaks or need replacement. This is where a plumber needs to be hired. Unlike the jobs of drainage contractors in Sydney, the plumbers cater to water-related issues inside the house or home’s piping system. These professionals not only address the issues related to pipes of bathrooms and kitchens but also are involved in the installation of a new tap system, dishwasher, and other such equipment.

Unlike the proficient drainage contractors in Sydney, the plumbers do not use high precision and advanced equipment. They have in their kit the basic tools that help them to finish the job of plumbing with precision from the start till the end.


Though the job seems almost the same, there are differences in the nature of the job that both do. Therefore, it is important for the person to know what is required and then hire the right professional for work.


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