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One of the critical forms of preventing falls is the rooftop railing. The guarding and railing system can be customized as per the need. There are a variety of temporary and permanent solutions available in rooftop railing. The most common and popular rooftop railing is the permanent non –penetrating railing. The roof railings are easy to install. In this article let us discuss some of the important things you must consider while selecting the roof safety railing

Once you decide to install a railing for the rooftop you must select the railing type. Based on the time period the rooftop railing is broadly divided into two types. They are permanent rooftop railing and temporary roof safety railing. You must select the railing type based on the scenario. While selecting the railing type you must consider the frequency of usage. If you are often using the rooftop for work then you must select permanent rooftop railing. If they are using the rooftop rarely then you can select temporary rooftop railing. The second thing you must consider is longevity. You must also consider the work type for selecting the rooftop railing system. For risky jobs, it is always better to use a permanent railing system. 

When selecting and installing railing or guardrails it must satisfy OSHA compliance. The railing should be 42 inches tall. This distance is measured from the floor surface to the top rail. The middle rail should be between the walking surface and the top rail. The installed rail must withstand 200 lb weight on average. The weight force can be both upwards and downwards. Railing with OSHA compliances are affordable and also versatile. The railing must be attached to the building and it can be attached to any approved point. Most of the railing systems are portable. They are also available in different models. Freestanding railing types are not attached to the building structure. For some applications, even rooftop penetration is also not required. 

While installing the railing system on the rooftop you must follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Some of the locations in which railing is very important are roofing, holes like a skylight, leading edges, evacuation area, and control zones.  The top and mid rails of the railing must be 0.6 cm. If you are using wire rope it must be used within 1.8-meter distance and also you must use high visible material. 

Some of the common types of handrails are plastic and steel pipe handrails, welded steel handrails and aluminum handrails. Shield type roof rails are modular and it does not require welding. The special type of roof mount can be fixed on the roof railing.

Most people do not use roof safety railing because it affects the aesthetics of the building. But for this reason, you must not expose employees to the hazard. Some railing types can be used as safety measures and in addition to that, it can maintain the look of the building. Install the railing on the perimeter so that it is not visible.

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