Fri, Sep 24, 2021

We always visit graveyards to remember our loved ones, don’t we? And we recognize our loved one’s graves through headstones placed on their graves. It is the most important and personal tribute we give to the peoples who have lived life. It is the sign of remembrance for those who have left us but always stay in our hearts.

Before selecting the size, material, and style of the tombstone engraving, you also need to consider its design, inscriptions, symbols, and images to set on it. There come two designs of a headstone, engraving, and etching.

  • Engraving & etching 

Engraving is the type of design through which letters and symbols are created on the headstones. Sandblasting is the most preferred engraving method. It enables both light and dark colours and polished tombstones to be engraved properly. 

The etching is the procedure used when there is a need for giving more fine and deep detail and requires cutting deeper v shape. Through etching, you can produce a high contrast marking on it. Etching can be done with two methods, hand, and laser etching.

Hand etching – It’s a type of etching that is unique and difficult which can add incredible character and customization to the gravestone. Hand pitchers are well known for drawing unique designs and pictures on gravestones which add uniqueness to the gravestone. You can use a diamond engraving tool, the picture is engraved in the very finest manner which creates more contrast to the headstone.

Laser etching – It allows engravers to create accurate and detailed recreation of designs and photographs in tombstones. Through a computerized laser, the stone surface is burned giving a beautiful look to the engraving tombstone of your loved ones.

  • Tips for repairing the engraving mistakes

While designing the headstones, some engraving (letters and symbols) mistakes can happen, even with professionals too. Adding the wrong date misspelled name of a deceased person or any other mistake can occur while making it, and it needs to be corrected. The tombstone engraving of your loved ones should be perfect so that you and the special person are satisfied. You can refer to the company from where you have designed the gravestone. Reporting your problems to cemetery persons can also lead you to some help. Apart from this, there are some tips given below for correcting engraving mistakes.

  1. Whenever any mistake happens to the tombstone, the great way of covering it is with some larger design. This solution can be worked on any engraved designs, until and unless your headstone can not take slight adjustment.
  2. Another best solution is to cover your mistake on the tombstone through sand or cement. If a shallow mistake is done then this solution will be best in use.
  3. Using a pencil, change the wordings and letters slightly. and rubbing your hands over will make the tombstone look great.

Understanding and following these tips can lead you to design the best tombstone after having engraving mistakes. This token of your loved ones will stay with you all your life as a beautiful memory.


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